If you’re looking for the best steakhouse in Rome, you’ve come to the right place. This list of the best steakhouses in Rome showcases some of the finest grills and restaurants with a serious selection for carnivores.

There’s something for every budget too, so read on if you’re ready to discover Rome’s best steaks!

Rovente Osteria con Brace – Spanish-inspired steakhouse in San Lorenzo

Rovente, a new steakhouse in Rome situated in San Lorenzo, not far from Termini, is a great find if you love classic Fiorentina-style steaks but are also looking for something a little different.

Owners Diego Beretta and Rosa Di Pierro fell in love with Spain’s Vaca vieja styled steaks a few years ago which are known for their rich buttery fats and robust beef flavours. They import these meats plus rare cured meats to bring something a little different to the table – but don’t worry, the key word is quality and simplicity, so you’ll still get your perfect steak!

The restaurant opened in November 2022 and the menu is an exciting mix of sophisticated details and huge steaks. Look out for a simply stunning bread basket with French butter and mini croissants to whet your appetites.

The charcuterie sharing platter includes goose ham and special Spanish cured meats. Don’t miss too the exquisite starter of cured venison, daikon radish and pomegranate seeds – a lovely fresh yet satisfying dish.

The Vaca vieja steak prepared in a Fiorentina style is tender with a rich umami flavour. You may know that Fiorentina steak is always cooked over hot coals as the meat is too thick to prepare in any other way, and this is no different. Beautifully sealed on the outside but rare inside, this was a tasty and satisfying steak. See if you can leave room for a dessert as it is absolutely worth it!

Meaters Brace Bar – steaks at Ponte Milvio

Meaters – Brace Bar, a high quality steakhouse in Rome’s Ponte Milvio district, delights its customers with some of the best steaks in Rome.

High quality dry-aged steaks and other cuts of prime meat are served alongside unique dishes and sides, making this an outstanding option if you’re looking for one of the best steakhouses Rome has to offer. Polish, Finnish, German, Argentine and Italian grass-fed beef are offered on a changing menu, sourced from some of the finest cattle farms in the world.

Meaters – Brace Bar is linked to two other restaurants via an opened-ended, lively bar area. The trio of eateries – which also includes Mahalo – South Pacific Fine Food and Malandros – Bodega de Tapas is owned by Roman restaurant dynasty the Martella family. Together, they represent an internationally inspired project, offering diners the opportunity to explore different world cuisines (probably on different nights!).

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Rome steakhouse best steaks - Meaters

El Porteno Rome – best steakhouse in Rome near the Pantheon

El Porteno Roma – an Argentinian steakhouse near the Pantheon, with a second about to open near Trevi – is arguably Rome’s trendiest restaurant. From the queues of beautiful people outside, to its sultry, latin vibe, Argentinian steakhouse El Porteno Roma it is the place to be seen in Rome.

The steaks served here are pretty fine, too. Argentinian steakhouse El Porteno Roma offers over 20 cuts of beef, ranging from Argentinian Black Angus as a cube roll, fillet, rib eye and more, to veal rib eye and rack of lamb, chicken breast, capon, and regional specialities such as a chorizo sausage for the table, or fried offal. The most prestigious cuts are offered by the kilo, with prices ranging from around €30 for the regular steaks to €160 per kilo for the finest fillet.

We tried two quite different steaks: the cube roll of Black Angus, and a dark and flavourful Black Angus ribeye which was striking in taste. The meat was perfectly cooked, pink right through.

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Best steakhouse in Rome: best steak and grill restaurants
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Best steakhouse in Rome: Carpaccio – the Beef Boys

Carpaccio: the Beef Boys is an exciting new restaurant in Rome’s Prati district which specialises in raw meat dishes and top quality steaks.

Situated in a modern building just steps from Piazza Cavour, and not far from the Vatican, this meat-focused menu at Carpaccio in Prati specialises in that most Italian delicacy – carpaccio – while also welcoming fusion flavours to its varied menu.

Carpaccio, the Italian dish of thinly sliced, raw steak which is usually dressed with oil and lemon juice, rocket and shavings of parmesan, is served in multiple variants here at Carpaccio in Prati at impressive prices.

I also urge you to try one of the fantastic steaks when dining at Carpaccio in Prati. In terms of the cut of steak, you can choose between T-bone, Fiorentina, Costata and New York steak. The Fiorentina is the largest, coming in at over a kilo, while the New York steak is around 300-400g.

The steak options range from a French limousine to Danish Swami or Italian Fassona. There are also non-European options, including Australian Black Angus. I really enjoyed the Limousine T-bone, which costs €5.50 per 100g and is richly veined with fat, making it extremely tasty.

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Prati Carpaccio restaurant near the Vatican

Ornelli Black Angus Steakhouse – best steaks near Termini

Ornelli, a steakhouse near Termini station in Rome, has quickly established its reputation as the number one restaurant for eating Black Angus beef in Rome.

This elegant restaurant, which has a romantic and refined vibe, with cream walls, exposed brickwork and low lighting, is light-years from the aggressive and masculine steakhouses of yesteryear.

Founder Nicola Ornelli imports the beef from the US, Canada, Argentina and Australia, currently the world’s most important territories for commercialising Black Angus beef. And the results he achieves with his secret ‘six step’ cooking procedure at this refined steakhouse near Termini are nothing short of miraculous.

Black Angus beef dominates the menu at Ornelli Black Angus Steakhouse from start to finish, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you have a mixed party with varied tastes.

For example, amongst the starters or antipasti, we tried crunchy tacos, topped with incredibly tender Black Angus beef navel, smoked and slow-cooked for hours.

Moving onto the main course, the steaks are delicious and succulently cooked, carving up like butter on the plate.

The meat is tender, pink and sealed perfectly on the outside. We tried a corn-fed ribeye steak from Kentucky, which proved succulent and tasty. The prices range from €8-€9 per 100g, to steaks served in the New York, ribeye, Tomahawk and T-bone style, priced at between €38 and €75 for gold label cuts.

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