Carpaccio: the Beef Boys is an exciting new restaurant in Rome’s Prati district which specialises in raw meat dishes and top quality steaks.

Situated in a modern building just steps from Piazza Cavour, and not far from the Vatican, this meat-focused menu at Carpaccio in Prati specialises in that most Italian delicacy – carpaccio – while also welcoming fusion flavours to its varied menu.

Carpaccio, the Italian dish of thinly sliced, raw steak which is usually dressed with oil and lemon juice, rocket and shavings of parmesan, is served in multiple variants here at Carpaccio in Prati at impressive prices.

Prati Carpaccio restaurant

Before I get into the menu, let’s just recall the romantic origins of the dish. Its modern iteration and name were created by Giuseppe Cipriani, historic owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice. The story goes that one day in 1950 he prepared a plate of thinly sliced raw fillet for a friend, countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo, naming it carpaccio in honour of the painter Vittore Carpaccio, whose artworks were characterised by deep, intense colours.

Today, the term carpaccio has been borrowed to implicate any raw dish where the produce has been thinly sliced, so don’t be surprised to find tuna carpaccio or even fruit carpaccio in a restaurant. But the beef version is the real deal!

So, back to the menu of Carpaccio in Prati. Expect a range of beef carpaccio variants on the ample list of starters, featuring both traditional and modern touches. The Cipriani combines lemon dressing, bean sprouts and shavings of parmesan (€10). More unusual are the Kaffir, featuring lime leaves, ginger mayo, lemon grass and spicy dressing (€10). We also tried the Cacciatora combining thyme, rosemary, pimento, olives, capers and a roast meat jus (€10). There is also a Truffle carpaccio plate, dressed with shavings of truffle and hazelnut butter (€14).

As you can see, the prices are very reasonable for high quality meat and I would even considered splitting a plate for a light antipasti.

Bao buns Prati restaurant

If you don’t love raw meat, but are a carnivore, never fear – there are some other tasty antipasti on offer. These include beef, pork and ginger oriental dumplings (€9); pulled-pork bao buns (€10), plus chicken popcorn, chicken yakitori, and a chicken caesar salad. You can also try a French-style tartare, or prosciutto and mozzarella.

Onto the main dish, and I urge you to try one of the fantastic steaks when dining at Carpaccio in Prati. In terms of the cut of steak, you can choose between T-bone, Fiorentina, Costata and New York steak. The Fiorentina is the largest, coming in at over a kilo, while the New York steak is around 300-400g.

The steak options range from a French limousine to Danish Swami or Italian Fassona. There are also non-European options, including Australian Black Angus. I really enjoyed the Limousine T-bone, which costs €5.50 per 100g and is richly veined with fat, making it extremely tasty.

Prati steakhouse Carpaccio

The sides are imaginative – from wok vegetables stir-fried with ginger, to pak choi or simply coleslaw. Dinner was paired with French and Italian reds and was an extremely satisfying experience!

At the moment, Carpaccio in Prati has a handsome outdoor area adding significantly to the covers. Needless to say, you have to book as Carpaccio is already a star restaurant in Prati.

Highly recommended!

If you love eating steaks and are looking for another steakhouse option in Rome, I would also recommend Meaters Brace Bar Steakhouse at Ponte Milvio.

Testaccina was a guest of Carpaccio in Prati

Carpaccio the Beef Boys | Via Ennio Quirino Visconti 8B | Rome