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Video review of the Yoozon Selfie Stick Bluetooth, extendable selfie stick with wireless remote and tripod stand. One of the best selfie sticks, this is essential gear for not just bloggers, but anyone who wants to take great photos while travelling.

Travel blogger tools: REVIEW Yoozon Bluetooth selfie stick with tripod

The best selfie-stick: a product review Review of the Yoozon Selfie Stick Bluetooth, Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand I have avoided getting a selfie-stick forever. When they first came out, they seemed like the ultimate in naff tourist-not-traveller accessory. But as I started blogging more, growing my Instagram account more, doing…

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A guide to 3 cemeteries in Rome worth visiting, all built for very different purposes: Verano, the non-Catholic cemetery and the Commonwealth cemetery.

Excavating tales of the dead in Rome’s Verano Cemetery: Cynthia Korzekwa

Testaccina visits Texan-born artist Cythia Korzekwa in her studio in San Lorenzo, to find out more about the illustrations in her compelling blog, Art for Housewives, and her project to uncover the stories of the illustrious dead in the Verano Cemetery I first came across Cythnia Korzekwa’s blog, Art for Housewives, a few months ago, and…

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Chris Sharpe, Travel Blogger: “Total Freedom Is One of The Greatest Experiences in Life”

Today on Testaccina we’re delighted to welcome Chris Sharpe, a talented blogger based in London whose travel, nightlife and culture site, Make New Tracks, is helping Chris earn money blogging, meet extraordinary people and enjoy exhilarating experiences along the way. London-based Chris is living proof that you don’t always need to be on the road…

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7 Essential Gadgets for Travel Bloggers and Digital Nomads

Once upon a time, there were cameras with film that needed developing, camcorders that cost more than your parents’ mortgage, dodgy internet cafés and that thing of awkwardly asking a stranger to take a picture of you. It’s hard to believe how much impact technological progress has had on how we travel – and how…

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I Want to Start a Blog. What Should I Write About?

So you’ve decided you want to start a blog. Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step to becoming a better writer. Blogs are a great way to develop your voice, pursue your interests, meet like-minded writers and readers, and find out if writing for a living is a journey you’d like to embark upon. Starting…

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8 Reasons Why Navigating the Freelance Life is Like Learning to Sail (2)

From being ready for the unexpected, to keeping yourself afloat through the rough and the smooth, running a freelance business can be a lot like learning to navigate a boat. Here are some suggestions for keeping the wind in your sails and steering away from storms, no matter what stage you are at on the…

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8 Reasons Why Navigating the Freelance Life is Like Learning to Sail

Have you ever longed to own a boat? I know I have. It’s the ultimate symbol of freedom, connected to a childlike sense of play; seeing your own efforts translate into movement through a lengthening stroke. Then there’s the process: resealing and painting it in bright colours in the spring, while anticipating the first trip…

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6 Essential Steps When Starting a Brand New Blog

I remember the first blog I ever started. It was called Inky Fingers and it was supposed to revolutionise the world of creative writing, while creating a community for other wannabe authors. After a few months of plodding away at posts, scrolling for non-existent comments and watching an email inbox remain empty, I gave in….

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New to Testaccina? Start Here.

The orignal Testaccina blog was born just over three years ago, in March 2013, when I broke a bone in my foot and couldn’t walk for a month. I had already been living in Rome, Italy for about ten years at that time, working as a business journalist. My job involved editing an international investment…

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