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Casa Marcelo restaurant review: Via Veneto, Rome

Casa Marcelo: Via Veneto restaurant with Latin soul

Casa Marcelo is a vibrant Via Veneto restaurant in Rome with Latin soul. Serving food influenced by Spanish, Mexican and Argentinian cuisine, and a great selection of European and New World wines, this colourful eatery is a great spot for lunch, aperitivo or dinner in Rome. The brainchild of an expert restaurant collective in Rome,…

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Restaurants near the Vatican: Rever Food

Restaurants near the Vatican: where to eat

Looking for restaurants near the Vatican? This guide to dining close to St. Peter’s square and the Prati neighbourhood has restaurants for every budget – and a few locals-only secrets! So search no more if you’re looking for where to eat near the Vatican – typically one of Rome’s most touristy areas, but no longer…

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Carpaccio in Prati steakhouse and raw meat restaurant

Carpaccio: Prati steakhouse and raw meat restaurant

Carpaccio: the Beef Boys is an exciting new restaurant in Rome’s Prati district which specialises in raw meat dishes and top quality steaks. Situated in a modern building just steps from Piazza Cavour, and not far from the Vatican, this meat-focused menu at Carpaccio in Prati specialises in that most Italian delicacy – carpaccio –…

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Lux Restaurant in Ostia offers great seafood with sunset views near Rome

Lux Restaurant: sunset dining in the Port of Ostia

Holidays in Rome aren’t always synonymous with eating great seafood whilst enjoying mesmerising sea views, but that’s where Lux Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Ostia comes in. Located in the Port of Ostia, at the chic end of Rome’s beach resort, Lux Restaurant is a timeless way to enjoy excellent local seafood, while trying a…

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