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Burger Bar Grill is a good value steakhouse in Rome, offering burgers, meats, skewers, poutine and desserts. A review with menu and prices.

Steak restaurants in Rome: DIY steakhouse Burger Bar Grill

Burger Bar Grill review New eatery Burger Bar Grill is in a sensational location right in the heart of old Rome, next to Chiesa Nuova, just steps from the river Tiber and Castel Sant Angelo. Strangely enough, it’s in a restaurant space which hasn’t always hosted long-lived concepts, almost wholly due to the fact that…

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Michelin star restaurants Rome: Is Bistrot64 the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Italy? Review of the menu and prices at Kotaro Noda's Rome restaurant

Michelin star restaurants Rome: Bistrot64, affordable gourmet Italian cuisine

Michelin star restaurants in Rome:  Bistrot64 They call it the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Italy, and indeed – with set menus starting at €40 a head, they’re probably right. But do we want or even need the city’s most prestigious restaurants to compete so keenly with its trattorias on price? And why has a…

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New Prati fish restaurant, Banchina 63, combines the freshest raw and grilled fish, fish pasta dishes, sushi and risottos with impeccable cocktails and Italian wines. A recommended fish restaurant in Rome.

Be enchanted by Banchina 63, new fish restaurant in Rome

There’s something faintly Parisian about this quarter of Rome – the location for new fish restaurant Banchina 63 – with its leafy boulevards and turn-of-the-century apartments. The pavement broadens a little along this quiet street in Prati, setting Banchina 63 back from the road and creating a pleasant pavement cafe vibe in front of its…

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Brand new deli, wine bar and eatery Amodei near Roma Termini, in the heart of the Eternal City, is the latest in a long line of historic delicatessens and general stores to grace Rome.

Amodei: gorgeous deli, wine bar and eatery near Roma Termini

Brand new deli, wine bar and eatery Amodei near Roma Termini, in the heart of the Eternal City, is the latest in a long line of historic delicatessens and general stores to grace Rome. There’s a great tradition in Rome for high-quality food stores which are perfect for planning dinner parties, picking up foodie souvenirs…

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Pigneto restaurants: Rome's grungy Pigneto district surprises again with a gourmet dining option that absolutely delights. Let Pigneto 1870 amaze and delight with its original approach to food.

Pigneto 1870: gourmet adventures in Rome’s hippest quarter

You never know quite what to expect in the district of Pigneto, Rome’s hippest quarter, an an improbable cluster of low-density villas and social housing beyond the concrete flyover and traffic-ravaged boulevard of the Prenestina carriageway. Did you know that the the area was established in 1870? I only found this out thanks to Pigneto…

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Planning a Picnic, Roman Style

It’s technically the perfect time of year for a picnic. Rome’s weather tends to get it “just right” in the late spring, achieving that rare temperature which makes sitting in the sun bearable and lying in the shade a pleasure. If you were in the capital in recent weeks, you might have found yourself dodging…

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A great restaurant near Rome Airport, Quarantunododici is an ideal lunch or dinner solution if you have a layover at Rome Airport, or are looking for Fiumicino restaurants close to Rome Airport.

Restaurants near Rome Airport: fish restaurant QuarantunoDodici in Fiumicino

If you’re looking for a great restaurant near Rome Airport, I have a superlative tip for you: restaurant QuarantunoDodici (4112), in Isola Sacra, Fiumicino. This smart seaside restaurant near Rome was only open at lunchtimes in the past, but is now also open for evening dining, which is a real boost to anyone travelling to…

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How to see the rose petal shower in the Pantheon, Rome, at Pentecost. La pioggia della rose at the Pantheon in Rome, Italy - or rose petals in the Pantheon.

(VIDEO) How to See The Rose Petal Shower in The Pantheon, Rome, at Pentecost 2018

How to see the rose petal shower in the Pantheon, Rome, at Pentecost If you happen to be visiting Rome in early summer, there’s one charming spectacle you shouldn’t miss: the fall of rose petals through the oculus of the Pantheon, which takes places every year at Pentecost, exactly 49 days after Easter Sunday. In…

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Paolo Trippini of Ristorante di Civitella del Lago brings a pop-up restaurant to Eataly Ostiense in Rome called 'Bosco Umbro', offering seasonal food at its finest.

Paolo Trippini’s Bosco Umbro: Pop-up restaurant at Eataly Rome

You now have yet another reason to visit Eataly in Rome’s Ostiense district: a fabulous pop-up gourmet restaurant on the third floor from chef Paolo Trippini. Eataly’s breathtaking top-floor space has hosted some great gourmet offerings over the years, and this is another equally exciting venture. Paolo Trippini, chef of Ristorante di Civitella del Lago,…

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Lunch in the Castelli Romani: how to visit Ariccia or Frascati with public transport, to eat porchetta in a typical fraschetta. How to get to the Castelli Romani, including Nemi, Genzano, Marino, Monte Porzio Catone and Albano Laziale. #castelliromani

Lunch in the Castelli Romani, including how to get to Ariccia and Frascati with public transport

If you’re looking for information on having lunch in the Castelli Romani, and more specifically, how to get to the towns of Frascati or Ariccia with public transport, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting the Castelli Romani is not only an easy day trip from Rome, it’s an ideal location for a lunch outside Rome,…

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