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Osteria dell’ingegno serves lunch and dinner in Rome’s most breathtaking piazza

Osteria dell’ingegno, a heritage restaurant in the centre of Rome, located in the historic Piazza di Pietra, was already a favoured address for local diners in the know. However, recent arrangements, which have allowed Osteria dell’ingegno to place tables in the piazza, have just raised its wow factor to a new level. Osteria dell’ingegno celebrated…

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Casina Valadier Roma offers gourmet restaurant Vista Ristorante and the Chill Sunset Bar

Casina Valadier Roma launches the Chill Sunset Bar

Casina Valadier Roma, a white-pillared mansion on the edge of Villa Borghese overlooking the rooftops of old Rome, is one of the city’s best kept secrets. Comprising the gourmet Vista Restaurant – one of Rome’s most romantic restaurants – and representing an exceptional events space and wedding venue, Casina Valadier is also home to the…

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