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Wine bar and resaurant Barbieri 23 combines relaxed dining with exquisite sharing plates, and a cavernous wine cellar for refined suppers in Rome.

Barbieri 23 combines high quality sharing plates with epic wines

Barbieri 23 is the kind of restaurant I love. It’s perfect for those in-between nights, when you would like to share a good bottle of wine and some excellent food, but you’d prefer to graze informally, rather than raise your cutlery across acres of starched table cloth beside equally stiff waiters. The brain-child of chef…

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Vizi Capitali is an unmissable fish restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, specialising in local dishes and excelling with a sustainable, authentic menu

Unmissable fish restaurant in Trastevere: Vizi Capitali

The Trastevere neighbourhood is a pretty-as-a-picture destination which is one of the highlights of Rome after dark. However, although the restaurant scene has improved in recent years, it’s all too easy to get waylaid in a sub-par trattoria, encountering a disappointing bang for your bucks and inferior service. Trastevere fish restaurant Vizi Capitali is tucked…

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The best 4 star hotel in Rome, the Kolbe Hotel Rome, has a sensational garden restaurant, Unique Al Palatino, and a peaceful position by the Palatine Hill

The Kolbe Hotel on Rome’s Palatine Hill has the perfect garden restaurant and roof terrace

Ideal four-star hotel in Rome – Kolbe Hotel Rome Are you looking for the hotel holy grail in Rome, peaceful lodgings just a few minutes walk from the city’s historical heart? The Kolbe Hotel Rome could be the right Rome hotel for you. This refined, four-star structure has been enchanting hotel guests for 12 years,…

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Piccadilly Roma is the perfect neighbourhood bar and restaurant, in San Giovanni, serving great cocktails and healthy gourmet food

Piccadilly’s the place for perfect cocktails and healthy dining in Rome

Piccadilly Roma, in the Re di Roma district, is a cocktail bar, restaurant and cafe which follows through from morning til night with considerable charm and flair. It’s a great reminder that whether you’re a tourist in Rome, or even if you live here – please don’t just stick to the historic centre when you…

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OiSushi is a fusion sushi restaurant in the heart of Rome serving Brazilian-Japanese sushi, Hawaiian poke bowls, fusion tacos and Italian sushi.

OiSushi: Fusion sushi, poke and tacos in the heart of Rome

OiSushi is a fusion sushi restaurant in the heart of Rome which combines the freshest fish with some seriously imaginative world-food combinations. If you’re craving Brazilian-Japanese sushi, a Hawaiian poke bowl, tacos with a difference or even Italian sushi, this could be the place for you. OiSushi opened in its prime, central location almost two…

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Fornace Stella is a new pizzeria in Rome in the Piazza Bologna - Policlinico district, offering great value pizza and casual dining in modern surroundings.

New pizzeria Fornace Stella shines bright in Rome’s Piazza Bologna district

Fornace Stella is a brand new restaurant and pizzeria in the Piazza Bologna / Policlinico area which brings smart, modern surroundings to a classic take on the neighbourhood pizzeria and trattoria concept. The baby of Enrico Mercatili and Roberto Priora, former colleagues, friends and now partners in the business, Fornace Stella is an easy eatery…

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Ristorante Alfredo alla Scrofa Rome charity event

Alfredo alla Scrofa celebrates February 7th 2019 with a charity gala

Iconic Roman restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa, custodian of the world-famous Italian dish, Fettuccine Alfredo, is celebrating this year’s National Fettuccine Alfredo Day with a charity gala. February 7th has been designated the annual festival for this renowned pasta recipe, which combines the lightest hand-made egg fettuccine with aged Parmesan Reggiano and the best butter from…

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Romantic dinner in Rome: 16 of the most romantic restaurants in Rome for Valentine's Day in Rome or the best date night dining in Rome

Romantic dinner in Rome: 16 of Rome’s most romantic restaurants

If you’re looking for a list of romantic restaurants in Rome, you’ve come to the right place. This post rounds up 16 of the most romantic dinner options in Rome for every budget. So don’t worry if it’s a first date or a Golden Wedding Anniversary – what follows is a selection of divine places…

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Valentyne Restaurant Rome at Hotel Valadier near the Spanish Steps is the perfect choice for fine dining and cocktails plus international DJ sets

Choose Valentyne at Hotel Valadier in Rome for dinner, cocktails and DJ sets by the Spanish Steps

Review of Valentyne Restaurant Rome at Hotel Valadier You know you’re onto something special when a downtown hotel boasts one of the best cocktail bars in the centre of Rome and perhaps its most sensational rooftop restaurant. Hotel Valadier in Rome is one of those iconic properties which has left an indelible mark on the…

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Easter in Rome 2018: a guide to Holy Week 2018 in Rome, including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Easter in Rome 2019: a guide to Holy Week 2019 in Rome, including Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Easter in Rome can be one of the most rewarding times to enjoy the city. While the weather can be changeable at this time of the year, it’s a moment when the city’s churches – and there are more than 1000 of them – really enter the fray, and regional food traditions get another major…

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