Nicola Grande of Etnia with Andrea Turco of Cronache di Birra

Nicola Grande of Etnia with Andrea Turco of Cronache di Birra

Italy’s Craft Beer Week, La Settimana della Birra Artigianale, is in full swing at the moment with more than 600 breweries, pubs and bars up and down the country organising special beer-related events right until next Sunday to support, educate and entertain. In the capital, the week kicked off last Sunday night at Luppolo Station, with an entertaining launch of 13 beers never before seen (or drunk) with the brewers on hand to explain their handiwork – those of you who made it down there can confirm that it was a very lively affair.

20160308_220218 (1) Last night was the turn of popular pub Open Baladin to showcase the beers of Nicola “Nix” Grande, brewmaster of Etnia, a Pavia-based brewery which has been commercialising its beers for only the past four years but has quickly established itself as a name to watch. Nicola presented four beers, a Blond, a Double Blanche, a New Zealand Pale Ale characterised by smooth New Zealand hops and Be Strong, technically a Belgian Strong Ale, which is actually a sort of cross between a Tripel and a Blanche.

With Andrea Turco on hand, creator of the definitive beer blog Cronache di Birra and the man behind the entire Craft Beer Week initiative, it was an entertaining chance to get to know something about the exciting Etnia project.20160308_202922

Next up, Testaccina and co. will be exploring the Yelp(y) Hour Birra e Polpette with free beer and meatballs at the Factory tomorrow night. Cheers!


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