How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples: plus the best Sperlonga beaches and hotels

If you’re looking for 2023 information on how to get to Sperlonga with public transport, you’ve come to the right place. Offering some of the best beaches near Rome or Naples, Sperlonga makes a great day trip or weekend destination for the traveller seeking fine sand, good food and a clean sea to bathe in. It’s also pretty as a picture!

However, Sperlonga is not the easiest of places to get to from Rome or Naples, as you have to take a train and then a local bus to reach Sperlonga – and the connections don’t always coincide.

But never fear – this guide to visiting Sperlonga in 2023 includes all the tips and tricks about how to get to Sperlonga from Rome, or how to reach Sperlonga from Naples, plus some of the best hotels in Sperlonga for 2023.

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples: Why you should visit Sperlonga

What makes Sperlonga so special, and why should you even visit Sperlonga? Quite simply because this unique seaside resort looks like nowhere else along this particular stretch of Italy’s western coastline.

Of course, in less than an hour from Naples you can visit the Amalfi Coast and its jewel-like towns including Positano, Amalfi, Minori and Ravello (for tips on hiking routes to and from Ravello, click here). The northern part of the Sorrentine peninsula terminates in stunning Sorrento, with its clean, boardwalk beach clubs (For a guide on how to get to Sorrento, click here). You’re also just a 50 minute boat ride to Capri and Ischia, or a 50 minute train from Naples to Formia-Gaeta and its clean, well-organised beaches.

But perhaps you’re looking for something a bit different, or perhaps you’re based in Rome. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (read: The best beaches near Rome and how to visit them with public transport in 2023) the coastline near Rome is a little spoiled by polluted seas near the capital and mass tourism in towns like Ostia. However, Anzio, Circeo and Sabaudia are perfectly fine options if you’re prepared to journey about an hour. But if you’re willing to travel, why not head for enchanting Sperlonga?

Best Lazio beaches: This guide to the best beaches near Rome includes how to get to the best Rome beaches with public transport, including how to get to Ostia and Fregene, how to get to Sperlonga, Anzio, Gaeta, Santa Severa and Santa Mariella. The best beaches in Lazio.

How to get to Sperlonga and where to stay in Sperlonga: top Sperlonga facts

Featuring villas and stuccoed apartments painted entirely white, the town of Sperlonga perches on an outcrop of rock overlooking the Gulf of Terracina, on the west coast of Italy between Rome and Naples.

It’s a magical labyrinth of a place with cool whitewashed arches and stone-cut steps that finish in breath-taking views of the hazy blue sea. It has all the vibe of a Greek fishing village, and lively piazzas on the top of the rock buzzing with bars and restaurants.

In Imperial Roman times, despite its location near the Via Appia, its proximity to the Pontine marshes meant that this spot was uninhabited, but it was known for its grotto on the coast, from which it takes its name (Spelunca is Latin for cave or grotto).

A later Republican villa associated with the emperor Tiberius eventually fell into ruins and became a place of refuge for local folk, and eventually the foundations of the first village. After the 6th century, the population began to move up onto the promontory to escape the unhealthy marshes and the raids of the Saracens, much feared along this stretch of the coast.

While it became a spot favoured by local nobility in the 18th and 19th centuries, when agriculture began to flourish, its true renaissance as a tourist destination came after Mussolini drained the Pontine marshes and the Terracina-Gaeta road (the Via Flacca) was built in 1957. This led to the discovery of sculptures in the grotto.

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples, and the best hotels in Sperlonga

How to get to Sperlonga and where to stay in Sperlonga: cultural attractions

Today, its cultural attractions include the ruins of Tiberius’s villa, where a modern museum has been erected, now housing the classical sculptures which were found in the grotto. These illustrate Greek legends surrounding the deeds of Odysseus. Its oldest church, Santa Maria, dates back to the early 12th century and is home to some medieval mosaics.

Sperlonga has two main beach areas: the Ponente beach, along the main road approaching the town from the north, and its secondary beach, in a sheltered cove the other side of the promontory. Offering both free public beach areas and private clubs, where you can hire a sun-bed and an umbrella, the sea is spotless in early summer and is a long term holder of the Blue Flag for cleanliness. I prefer the second beach, which can only be accessed by walking down stone steps from the promontory, but is a short and easy walk.

It is here that you will find one of my favourite lunch spots in Sperlonga, Il Porticciolo. Don’t be fooled by the beach bar vibe – this is actually one of the best restaurants in Sperlonga offering abundant portions of freshly caught seafood.

Bazzano Beach: sunbed hire and excellent food

Continuing further along past VIlla di Tiberio you will eventually reach Bazzano Beach, which is an excellent choice for those looking for a peaceful beach in contact with nature and authentic, local cuisine. Bazzano Beach celebrated its 20th birthday in 2023 and this well established spot is loved by locals and tourists alike. In high season, expect to pay a reasonable €10 for a full day sunbed hire, and €10 for an umbrella (€30 for two people sharing an umbrella).

The other selling point for Bazzano Beach is its extensive menu. All day, expect to sip on iced coffees, cold drinks and a range of alcoholic beverages. In the morning, there are fresh pastries to enjoy with your coffee, while at lunch a full menu means you can take a leisurely break from the sun under the restaurant canopy.

For starters, I recommend the fish tacos with tuna, plus the baccala Catalan-style salad. Pasta dishes include taglioni with Mediterranean lobster, gnocchi with clams and a lovely, fresh spaghetti with garlic, oli and chili topped with tuna tartare. There are also healthy fillets of fish for second course loaded with vegetables.

The welcome is always friendly at Bazzano Beach and it is a place I happily go back to every year.

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples, and the best hotels in Sperlonga

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome

If you’re wondering how to get to Sperlonga from Rome with a car, the journey is actually pretty easy. By car, take the Via Pontina which clings to the coastline from Rome, but be aware that its cursed with tens of traffic lights and the journey can take up to two hours if the traffic’s bad. A faster alternative, although putting more kilometres on the clock, is the A1 motorway from Rome, which winds inland, and requires you to work your way back to the coast once level with Sperlonga. Please note, there is no parking in the old town, i.e. up on the rock of Sperlonga, so be prepared to park your car along the main seafront of Sperlonga, paying an hourly tariff, which does add up.

If you want to get to Sperlonga from Rome by public transport, it’s probably faster and easier than battling traffic and parking your car.  The cheap and fast option is the 1’ 10” train from Roma Termini to Fondi, a rural but essential boring agricultural hub for the surrounding farmland.

You then have to catch a bus from Fondi to Sperlonga. This year, these run every hour from Fondi station and are reasonably punctual, departing at ten minutes past the hour.

If you don’t find one waiting or don’t want to hang around, minicabs cost around €20 from Fondi to Sperlonga (don’t let them charge you more) but if you turn up when other travellers are around, entrepreneurial taxi drivers will often let you club together and charge you €5 a head for the trip.

How to get to Sperlonga using public transport: Try and pick a train from Roma Termini to Fondi that coincides with the ten minute past the hour buses going from Fondi to Sperlonga. This bus costs €1.50 each way.

Cheapest solution for getting to Sperlonga: The €14 all day ticket (7 zones) for Lazio gives you the freedom of the region for 24 hours (regional trains only; includes all trams, metro and buses in Rome as well). Ask for a €14 BIRG at one of the newspaper stands in Termini. The Sperlonga bus is €1 each way in addition. Two sunbeds and an umbrella start at €20 in Sperlonga. We like Lido Grotta dei Delfini with its raffia canopies and locals’ favourite Bazzano Beach for a friendly welcome and excellent food.

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples, and the best hotels in Sperlonga

How to get to Sperlonga from Naples

If you’re wondering how to get to Sperlonga from Naples, it’s slightly faster than the journey from Rome. Sperlonga is only about 110 km from Naples, but by car you may hit traffic, particularly along the SS7qtr which is the coast road. If you nip inland and take the A1 motorway, you add 10 km to the route but it can be much faster. Check traffic reports before setting off.

How to get to Sperlonga using public transport: The 10.31am train from Napoli Centrale is an intercity train, taking just 1’ 18”. It gets you into Fondi-Sperlonga at 11.49, which should time with the 12 noon bus going to Sperlonga. If you miss the bus, take a €20 taxi to Sperlonga or share one with other travellers – enterprising taxi drivers are usually happy for you to club together and pay €5 per head.

Cheapest solution for getting to Sperlonga: Not for the faint-hearted, but if you know your way round Italian trains and you want to get there a bit earlier, try to 8.40am train from Napoli Campi Flegrei, a €5.10 regional train which gets you into Fondi-Sperlonga at 10.49am. Be aware that you will almost definitely have to get a taxi from there to Sperlonga, however (see above for details).

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples, and the best hotels in Sperlonga

Where to stay in Sperlonga: the best hotels in Sperlonga

If you’ve ever visited Sperlonga from Rome you’ve probably been tempted to stay the night. Sperlonga comes alive after dark, with its picturesque piazzas and winding streets. It’s a lovely destination for couples and groups of friends, with a fun but relaxed atmosphere.

Where to stay in Sperlonga? There aren’t a lot of hotels, but the standard is generally high. If you’re looking for the best hotels in Sperlonga, I’ve selected some of my favourites. They’re all ideal for getting to the beaches of Sperlonga and the old town.

You may find cheaper accommodation elsewhere for Sperlonga but most of it will be located in Fondi or beyond. In my experience, it’s not such a relaxing holiday when you have to travel 8 km every day to get to the beach! All of these hotels in Sperlonga are within walking distance of the sea, and a maximum of 1km from the old town centre of Sperlonga. They’re also extremely popular! I’ve been taken by surprise in the past (not in a good way) so do book these Sperlonga hotels early to avoid disappointment. Some Sperlonga hotels will require a minimum three night stay in high season.

Where to stay in Sperlonga: Moresco Park Hotel

Moresco Park Hotel is set up on a hill 800 metres from Sperlonga town centre. This bright, modern hotel features a gorgeous green garden and sparkling sea views. All of the spacious rooms have air conditioning and many include balconies with sea views. It’s ideal if you’re arriving by car, as parking is free (and can be a nightmare in the town centre – expensive and hard to find).

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples, and the best hotels in Sperlonga

Best hotels in Sperlonga: Hotel Corallo

It’s hard to believe Hotel Corallo is just a three-star – this gorgeous hotel has a great location in the white streets of the pretty old town and is just five minutes’ walk from the beach. Ideal if you’re arriving with public transport, it has a gorgeous panoramic terrace, perfect for a drink at sundown.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

Where to stay in Sperlonga: B&B Sperlonga

Centrally located but set back from the main road behind the Ponente beach, B&B Sperlonga is a modern, practical choice. It’s five minutes’ walk from the sea, but there’s none of the toiling up and down steps that you associate with accommodation in the old town. The bus-stop to Fondi is close by and the facilities are modern and clean – there’s also free Wi-Fi in all areas.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

Best hotels in Sperlonga: Hotel Mayor

This bijou hotel (it only has 20 rooms) located back from the main road in Sperlonga is just 50 metres from its own private beach, which hotel guests can use from free from the start of June until the end of September. You even get an umbrella and sunbed thrown in. If you come with a car, there’s also free parking. These great free amenities make it a really popular choice and the breakfast is ample.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

Where to stay in Sperlonga: Hotel Residence Le Spiagge

Ideal for travellers with young children, or if you just prefer having a self-catering option, this residence comprises 12 clean and attractive self-catering apartments, distinguished by cool tiled floors. They’re all just a 3-minute walk from the beach, where guests get one free parasol and 2 free sunbeds per apartment. Each flat is equipped with free covered parking, a dishwasher, washing machine and fridge. Buses to the town centre stop 650m away. these self-catering apartments come with free covered parking and free private beach access. Buses to the town centre stop 650 m away.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

Best hotels in Sperlonga: Ganimede Hotel

This attractive, modern hotel has only 25 rooms but it feels bigger – due to the glamour factor. With a handsome outdoor swimming pool and coconut parasols on its private beach, you just want to reach for an exotic cocktail. It’s about 1km from Sperlonga old town but less than three minutes from the sea, so you have the best of both worlds. Free laptop loan and free bike hire, plus free internet, should keep everyone happy.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

How to get to Sperlonga from Rome or Naples with public transport. Plus, where to stay in Sperlonga with a guide to the best Sperlonga hotels for 2018.
Wall frescos recall the Saracen invasions

Where to stay in Sperlonga: Albergo La Sirenella

Albergo La Sirenella is right on the seafront with romantic sea views and the sound of the water lapping at night can be heard from the rooms. Featuring a private beach with sun loungers and parasols, it’s centrally located but also your own haven from the crowds.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

Best hotels in Sperlonga: B&B Appartamenti l’Anfora

If you’re looking for self-catering options, this is another great place to stay, located just 300m from Sperlonga beach in Sperlonga. Free Wi-Fi, free bike hire, air-conditioning and use of a washing machine make this a practical spot. It’s about 1km from the old town, so access is straightforward as well.

To find out more or reserve a room at the property, click here.

If you have no success with the above hotels (they do tend to book up fast) – here’s a complete link to 70 recommended Sperlonga hotels in the nearby area: 70 Hotels in Sperlonga

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