If you’re planning a Tuscan holiday to explore towns in Tuscany such as Montepulciano, Pienza and Cortona, Montefollonico hotel & restaurant La Chiusa is the perfect base.

Smarter than an agriturismo, but surrounded by 100 acres of olive trees, this boutique hotel in Tuscany with pool provides charming countryside accommodation, plus a restaurant preparing modern and traditional Italian food.

La Chiusa Restaurant is also open to the public, creating an excellent dining option in Tuscany’s Val di Chiana. La Chiusa Hotel & Restaurant is a short drive from Montepulciano, Pienza, San Quirico d’Orcia, Bagno Vignoni and Chiusi / Chianciano Terme.

Agriturismo Montepulciano - Montefollonico hotel & restaurant La Chiusa

Situated on the hilltops of Montefollonico, with dreamy views of Montepulciano and Pienza, La Chiusa Hotel combines the rustic charms of an historic olive mill with country resort vibes, thanks to its well-appointed rooms and private pool.

So if you’re looking for a Tuscany villa with private pool, a hotel or agriturismo near Montepulciano or Pienza, La Chiusa Hotel & Restaurant ticks all the boxes, with an all-day bar and restaurant service, cooking classes and excellent amenities for the perfect Tuscan holiday.

Agriturismo Montepulciano - Tuscany villas with private pools

La Chiusa Tuscany is under new management since spring 2019, and the owners’ ambitions for this ancient estate are both respectful and exciting. La Chiusa Hotel & Restaurant stands on the site of an ancient Roman toll gate, which became a sprawling olive oil farm and mill in medieval times. In the 1970s, it was first converted into a hotel, and under new management, the rooms have been lovingly updated – with more renovations to come.

agriturismo montepulciano - Tuscany villas with private pools

While the estate still harvests the olives from the 1,000 trees that grow in the grounds of La Chiusa to produce its own olive oil, there are also plans to grow grapes on its slopes and produce La Chiusa wine. Two new vegetable gardens – one of which stands on the site of the estate’s original vegetable patch – have been planted to replenish the kitchens, while the next few years will see the arrival of chickens and goats.

La Chiusa currently has 19 well-appointed rooms and suites, which will become 18 rooms next year with the creation of another suite with living quarters. All the rooms benefit from spacious, air-conditioned bedrooms and sizeable bathrooms, many of which feature jacuzzi tubs and handsome walk-in showers.

Tuscan holiday: Montefollonico hotel & restaurant La Chiusa, agriturismo Montepulciano

While the recently opened pool is a great reason to spend your Tuscan holiday at La Chiusa, in the not-so-distant future, the addition of a yoga pavillion and spa will boost La Chiusa’s amenities still further.

La Chuisa Restaurant review

During my stay at La Chiusa, I dined twice at La Chiusa Restaurant, to get a taste both of its authentic Tuscan credentials, and the modern gourmet menu on offer at La Chiusa.

Chef Dominico Tromiro hails from Naples, but his career so far has taken him to Capri, Calabria, Switzerland and a couple of stops in Tuscany. He joined La Chiusa last year as Executive Chef, and has shaped an exciting, gourmet menu which freely raids the tastes of southern Italy, while creating something new. There are also Tuscan favourites in the menu for diners seeking a traditional taste of the Val di Chiana and wider influences of Tuscany.

Tuscan holiday: Montefollonico hotel & restaurant La Chiusa, agriturismo Montepulciano

The fertile estate of La Chiusa grows many of the seasonal fruit and vegetables used in the restaurant’s cooking, reinforcing the quality of the dining experience.

On my first evening at La Chiusa Restaurant, I sampled a range of dishes from the gourmet menu to get an idea of the chef’s range. The menu is good value, with antipasti priced between €9-€11, first courses around €11-€15, and second courses €15-€20.

Montefollonico hotel for Tuscan holiday - agriturismo a Montepulciano

Dinner started with an amuse bouche of a seaweed cone with salmon and fish eggs, followed by a scintillating dish of raw red Sicilian prawns with black garlic, citrus vinaigrette and hazelnut oil.

Agriturismo a Montepulciano - Tuscan holiday in Montefollonico

From the antipasti menu, we also tried this memorable beef tataki, with roasted pepper, guacamole and tozasu salsa. This was followed by Atlantic cuttlefish with courgettes and farm eggs.

Agriturismo Montepulciano - Tuscan holiday in Montefollonico

One of the star dishes of the night with this dish of smoked Chianina beef, with root vegetables, sea lettuce and peach. Simmered to the consistency of pulled pork, with the barbecue aromas of smoke, it is a fun yet complex plate.

Pienza agriturismo, Montepulciano agriturismo, Montefollonico hotel

We also tried baccalà ravioli with scapece-style courgettes, finishing up with seafood and fried tapioca with seasonal salad. For a dessert, we had delicious, homemade salted caramel and raspberry ice-cream.

Pienza agriturismo, Montepulciano agriturismo, Montefollonico hotel

On my second night at La Chiusa Restaurant, chef Tromiro delighted us with a menu focusing on Tuscan traditions, which we enjoyed alongside a tasting of typical Tuscan reds.

Dinner started with the Tuscan classic of pappa al pomodoro with whipped milk – just delicious.

Montefollonico hotel and restaurant La Chiusa - agriturismo Montepulciano

We followed up with a platter of typical Tuscan salamis and cold cuts, accompanied with slivers of raw celeriac, topped with fresh cheese and apricots.

Montefollonico hotel and restaurant La Chiusa - agriturismo Montepulciano

Our pasta dish combined homemade pici with a rich tomato sauce. After that, we tried a classy dish of spinach gnudi with black truffle and pecorino sauce.

Montefollonico hotel and restaurant La Chiusa - agriturismo Montepulciano

The main course was a perfectly cooked Chianina steak with crisp, seasonal vegetables. We followed up with a tasting platter of local cheese and preserves, plus a glass of delicious vin santo and cantucci.

Montefollonico hotel and restaurant La Chiusa - Tuscan holiday

Both dinners were highly memorable and showed the chef’s talents off to the max. We also enjoyed the buffet breakfasts – with waiter service – and had a handsome salad and fruit lunch one day with produce from the estate.

Cook in Tuscany at La Chiusa

If you are coming to Tuscany for Linda and George Meyer’s residential cooking course, Cook in Tuscany, you will now be based at La Chiusa Hotel & Restaurant.

This is a great base for the course, as it is situated just a few minutes from the centre of Montefollonico, where some of the highlights of the cooking course take place. It’s also a wonderful place to relax and quickly creates that home-from-home vibe for which Linda and George have become famous.

Montefollonico hotel and restaurant La Chiusa - agriturismo Montepulciano

If you’re curious to learn more about cooking classes at La Chiusa, contact the structure, or check out my full review of the Cook in Tuscany experience here.

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Enjoy your Tuscan holiday!

Testaccina was a guest of La Chiusa Hotel & Restaurant

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