Palazzo Ripetta is one of the newest 5 star hotels in Rome and one of Rome’s most romantic hotels, with an exceptional gourmet restaurant, San Baylon.

This elegant restoration project in a former medieval century cloister near Piazza del Popolo had its soft opening in December 2022 when about 30 rooms were opened to the public. The remaining 30-odd rooms have just been launched for summer 2023, giving you an ever greater reason to stay in one of the most exclusive 5 star hotels in Rome.

Palazzo Ripetta has already presented its ambitious restaurant and bar project to the world, and even if you’re not staying in the hotel, San Baylon restaurant and cocktail bar is worth your time. This independent hotel has quickly become synonymous with class, style and discretion, maintaining a peaceful enclave which recalls its historic past. Meanwhile, to find out more about its summer restaurant and bar, Piazzetta Ripetta, located in the hotel’s beautiful cloister garden, read on!

Palazzo Ripetta restaurant, San Baylon

Palazzo Ripetta’s hotel restaurant, San Baylon, which is also open to the public, is an artful project with a lovely, restful vibe in an elegant dining room. Here, chef Marco Ciccotelli has crafted a romantic and modern menu which still which still stays true to its Italian roots and the seasonality of produce.

San Baylon bar is a stylish hotel bar in Rome at Palazzo Ripetta
San Baylon bar is a stylish hotel bar in Rome open to outside guests

Palazzo Ripetta is further distinguished by its stylish bar, also called San Baylon, which is situated in a wing of the hotel towards the principal entrance of hotel Palazzo Ripetta. Here the experienced bar staff dazzle with excellent cocktails tells and the hotel’s impeccable wine list. Bar San Baylon was created in cooperation with the Jerry Thomas Project, Rome’s most famous speakeasy, and you’ll find cocktails with a slightly different twist from the norm plus artfully batched ingredients. While San Baylon bar serves indoors during the winter months, expect to take your aperitivo outside in a glorious internal courtyard once the summer rolls around.

San Baylon restaurant review

San Baylon restaurant meanwhile is an ideal spot for occasion dining, or just a special dinner near Piazza del Popolo. Palazzo Ripetta’s restaurant is open to both hotel guests and visitors from outside the establishment. Whether you prefer fish, meat or vegetarian dishes, there are ample options across the antipasti, first and second course menus.

San Baylon restaurant romantic in Rome
San Baylon restaurant features a romantic and refined menu

Some of the most interesting dishes I tried included a delicate fish tartare dressed with a fruit punch cocktail created by the bar, which is drizzled over the fish at the table. I also tried fresh black truffle pasta and beef fillet cooked sous vide. Whatever your appetite, try to leave room for a dessert because the sweets at San Baylon restaurant are really worth your time. From Italian classics such as Mont Blanc, where creamed chestnuts are swirled into a meringue star on your plate, to international favourites such as passion fruit pavlova, you won’t be disappointed. San Baylon is ultimately one of the most romantic restaurants in Rome, with serene nooks and marble-topped tables that marry old and new.

Piazzetta Ripetta: San Baylon’s summer garden

In the summer months, San Baylon moves into Palazzo Ripetta’s glorious internal courtyard, which manages to be both a convivial yet private and intimate space. Beautifully set tables, candles and lights, positioned by a shimmering fountain, make Piazzetta Ripetta one of the best garden restaurants in Rome’s summer months. Conveniently located close to Piazza del Popolo, don’t miss Piazzetta Ripetta for artful cocktails, light bites during the day, and as the summer location for San Baylon restaurant by night, with dishes from chef Marco Ciccotelli.

Highly recommended!

Testaccina was a guest of Palazzo Ripetta, San Baylon and Piazzetta Ripetta

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