20130414_170859 copiabassaTestaccio’s neighbouring rione, Garbatella, celebrates 20 years of bringing culture to the masses this Saturday with the twentieth edition of its annual Festa per la Cultura. Five piazzas and the roads that join them will be closed to traffic and filled with music, theatre, dance, street artists and stalls promoting local causes. This annual fixture in one of Rome’s most traditional neighbourhoods attracted 15,000 visitors last year and some 300 artists, so expect a similar turn-out. In the afternoon, Piazza Longobardi offers games and activities for children, while from 17.30, Piazza Masdea will be alive with music. At 19.00 head over to Piazza Sauli for a DJ set, tribal dances, Tai-Chi and street bands. The night continues in Piazza Ricolodo da Montecroce, Piazza Montecovrino and the “lotti” (Garbatella’s historical social housing) in Via Magnaghi. There’ll also be theatre all day at the Casetta Rossa in Via Magnaghi. Sample street food, immerse yourself in artistic endeavour and above all enjoy Garbatella’s unique fin de siècle atmosphere on a balmy June evening.

The full calendar of events, organised by cultural association Controchiave, can be found here (only in Italian): http://www.controchiave.it/wp-content/uploads/programma.pdf