Irene Ranaldi

This Wednesday in Testaccio, sociologist and writer Irene Ranaldi launches her photographic exhibition telling the history of the area in images and icons. Hosted by café bar “Il caffè del Seme e la Foglia”, the show comprises photos taken between 1990 and 2000, some representing classic visions of Testaccio’s past, others providing a surprising or intimate look at its history.

???????? Irene is a sociologist specialising in the process of gentrification, and a keen writer with a local’s eye: her 2012 book, in Italian, “Testaccio, da quartiere operaio a village della capitale” recounts how the area has changed from being a gritty, unfashionable place to one of the most compelling and trendy areas in the city. Irene’s other works on the rione include “Testaccio tra guerra e resistenza”, an essay on Testaccio’s role in the second world war, included in the compilation “Roma in guerra: i quartieri”. Currently, Irene is working on a PhD, comparing the gentrification process in Testaccio with the area of Astoria, Queens in New York. Focusing on creative output as a product of a sense of location − and how long-standing residents feel about their environment changing around them − Irene will complete her doctorate in the spring of 2014. She currently also writes freelance articles for the non-profit sector.

Come along on Wednesday to meet Irene and find out a bit more about this area’s fascinating past. The exhibition will continue all summer.

When: Wednesday 10 July, from 17.00

Where: Il Seme e la Foglia, Via Galvani 18, Testaccio

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