Looking for restaurants near St. John Lateran’s Basilica in Rome? This list of San Giovanni restaurants in Rome has restaurants for every taste and budget, so read on to find out which is right for you!

Restaurants near St John Lateran’s Basilica

As San Giovanni is a popular residential district in Rome, there are plenty of restaurants near St John Lateran’s Basilica. Whether you are looking for a pizzeria or wine bar, here are some of my favourite places for dinner near St John Lateran’s Basilica.

Al Grottino

This San Giovanni institution is a family-run pizzeria and trattoria with Italian-Canadian influences. Owner Tony Vespa, Canada born but with Italian roots, has been feeding the folk of San Giovanni for over 30 years. Al Grottino stands out for its tasty pizzas, dubbed ‘ne alte, ne basse’ as they are neither deep pan or thin and crispy. Instead, they are something in between, and their popularity ensures that Al Grottino is packed week round.

Expect classic Roman fried goodies – such as suppli, potato croquettes, and baccala fillets – but often with a twist. The filetti di baccala are amongst the largest I have ever seen, while the suppli include tasty variations like cacio e pepe and lime. While Vespa and co successfully make all the Italian classics, there are also some wonderful non-Italian touches to this menu. Apart from handsome menu of Belgian beers, there are also some North American menu items. Look out for Tony Vespa’s trademark hot wings, plus the Canadian-style desserts from Elsa Vespa, Tony’s sister. These include pumpkin pie (when in season), carrot cake, key lime tart, plus a class New York style cheesecake. The restaurant also recently launched a dark kitchen so you can order a selection of their greatest hits at home.

Highly recommended! Al Grottino, Via Orvieto 6, Roma Tel 067024440

Restaurants near St. John Lateran's Basilica in Rome

Sacro e Profano San Giovanni

Sacro e Profano in San Giovanni is a restaurant like no other in Rome. Founders Nicola and Francesco, who love both tradtional and innovative cookery, started out with a dilemma. Should they stay true to the classics of Roman and Italian cuisine, or remix the recipes to create a new kind of restaurant?

In the end, they plumped for both, in a touch of genius which defines Sacro e Profano. The name, which means ‘sacred and profane’, refers to the fact that this is a place with two souls, and two menus.

The ‘sacred’ menu includes the pillars of Italian and Roman cuisine, from carbonara to oven-roast lamb. But there is also the ‘profane’ menu in parallel, offering inventive recipes which transform each classic dish into something new. It’s fun to order from each side of the ‘sacro e profano’ menu if you’re in a couple or group, and taste each other’s dishes to see how the plates evolve. Full review here.

Delicious and original! Sacro e Profano, Via Siria, 16, Roma Tel. 0655136181

Vinum Est

San Giovanni wine bar Vinum Est is a great destination for wine and food enthusiasts looking for something a little bit different in Rome, within reach of St John Laterano’s Basilica.

Vinum Est is first and foremost a handsomely stocked wine store and vendor of cheese, charcuterie and Italian artisan food products, so it’s an essential address for filling your bags with Italian food and wine.

Secondly, Vinum Est is a lunch, aperitivo, and dinner destination offering a menu whose hallmark is simple excellence. Pair raw fish and fine charcuterie boards with the wines that line its walls; or dive into the tasting journeys of Vinum Est for a truly original food experience. Full review here.

Hidden gem in Rome! Enoteca Vinum Est, Via Francesco Valesio 24, Roma

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