Rude Centocelle bar and diner is reason enough to make the pilgrimage to East Rome, serving creative cocktails and food in a slick and fun environment far from the touristy centre.

You’re probably going to need a car to get here from the centre of Rome, although Metro C stop Gardenie is a ten minute walk away.

It’s ‘rude’ by name, in the sense of serving a certain attitude and swagger alongside the best cocktails you’ll find in Centocelle and some of the best cocktails in Rome. The staff are a cool and creative bunch, so if you’re just coming for cocktails, make sure to get a ring-side seat (at the bar).

But Rude Centocelle has also thrown down the gauntlet for gourmet dining in this neck of the woods, with chef Filippo Maria Benedetti, who arrived in June 2020, creating a bold, fusion-inspired menu.

Rude Centocelle bar

I went along to Rude Centocelle recently for a special set menu night paired with natural wines. Rude Centocelle holds a lot of these kinds of events – including special guest chef dinners – so there is always something new to try and experience.

Rude Centocelle special menu

Dinner started with pork rind dressed with pea and lemon cream, tuna pate, lime salsa and pop-corn. Wow! This was above all a triumph of crisp textures complimented by light, citrus flavours.

Rude Centocelle best cocktail bar Pigneto

The next dish continued the innovative vibe, presenting in the form of a toasted sandwich. The filling included fermented potato frittata, gherkins, aromatic salad and a herby, Argentinian chimichurri salsa.

Fusion food Rude Centocelle

Chef Benedetti’s cooking style strides continents and the following plate represented a further spin of the globe. These steamed Asian-style dumplings were stuffed with Muscovy duck, truffle and egg.

Rude Centocelle menu

The main course showed off the chef’s presentation skills, combining Angus beef tartare with smoked eggs, porcini mushrooms and dill, around a creme fraiche salsa.

Dessert Rude Centocelle

Dinner closed with a modern twist on millefoglie, combining sheets of sweet potato and cocoa, filled with lemon ricotta and red basil. Delicious and unlike any other dessert I’ve tried in Rome!

There’s always something new to discover at Rude Centocelle, and that’s just the way I like it! If you’re interested in exploring East Rome further, and in search of something a little different, also check out English pub Punch, electronic music venue Klang, or iconic cocktail bar Co.So.

Rude Centocelle best cocktail bar Rome

Highly recommended.

Testaccina was a guest of Rude Centocelle

Rude Centocelle | Via dei Castani 228 | Rome | Tel 06 84387458