Salicornia, a restaurant and bistrot serving fish in Pigneto, is one of my happiest discoveries of this year.

I adore eating fish, and finding a restaurant which hits the sweet spot between casual dining and well-sourced, fresh fish is a real treat.

Situated on Pigneto’s pedestrianised high street, Salicornia restaurant is great for a lazy outdoor lunch. Once things get back to normal, I will recommending it for dinner as well!

Salicornia restaurant review

The Salicornia ethos combines a broad menu with everything from classic fish dishes to street food. That means that it’s accessible to pretty much every budget.

A €10 aperitivo is also available combining an alcoholic drink and a few fish-focused canapes.

Salicornia cheap fish restaurant Rome

On my visit to Salicornia restaurant, I enjoyed a quick dash through a range of dishes to get a sense of the restaurant’s range. We started with some wonderful plates of raw fish, including amberjack, violet prawns and langoustines. The prices start small, at around €10 or €12 for raw prawns, or a tuna or salmon tartare.

affordable fish restaurant Rome

The fried goodies are excellent – including moreish baccala balls coated in squid ink and corn, served with a chickpea and lime sauce (€10 for 3). The street food options are a lot of fun, including these delicious fish tacos (€7.50 for two), and fish spring rolls.

Fish tacos at Salicornia Rome

When it comes to the pasta, you can choose between classic dishes such as spaghetti alle vongole, as well as a lovely squid pasta dish. The main courses are tasty and ambitious. I tried the grilled amberjack with celeriac, as well as king prawns with Vietnamese sauce and samphire (€12).

Cheap fish restaurant Rome

I had almost run out of space when it came to the dessert, but enjoyed a fabulous chocolate mousse with salted caramel and samphire powder (€6). All in all, discovering Salicornia restaurant was a wonderful experience – and yet another reason to visit Pigneto!

Cheap fish restaurant Rome Italy

Salicornia restaurant also offers takeaway and delivery options if you’re curious to try out this affordable fish restaurant in Rome but can’t make it in person. Highly recommended.

Testaccina was a guest of Salicornia

Salicornia Pigneto | via del Pigneto 25 | Rome | Tel 351 055 3120

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