Song Chinese restaurant in Rome is a high-quality diner offering an authentic taste of Hong Kong. Chef Chu Lin Sang, boasting years of experience in the kitchens of Hong Kong’s varied restaurant scene, has been appointed by the Wu and Okazaki families to bring a taste of that melting pot to Rome.

The result is a jewel-like focus on dim sum, with Song Ristorante in Rome offering a wealth of delectable filled dumplings, characterised by extremely high quality, local ingredients. The owners of Song already own two Japanese restaurants in the city – Okasan and Otosan – as well as Japanese dessert store Hiromi Cake.

This foray into Chinese cuisine is an admirable attempt to overturn the “race to the bottom” that has been witnessed in Rome’s Chinese restaurant scene for many years. Song Chinese restaurant in Rome, indeed, is a classy, gourmet experience, fit for a special occasion, date night, or just the chance to treat yourself to really good Chinese food.

Song ristorante Cinese Roma

The words “dim sum” recall the tinkling of a Chinese bell, and literally mean “to touch the heart”. Dim sum are, in fact, a collection of small and delicious bites with a captivating appearance, bearers of myriad shades of flavour.

Song Chinese restaurant in Rome: the review

Unsurprisingly, my dinner at Song Chinese restaurant in Rome began with a banquet of dim sum. Highlights included dim sum with matcha and lobster filling (pictured); dumplings filled with broth; dumplings filled with fresh scallops and lime; dumplings filled with sea bream and vegetables; a version with fine Italian mushrooms and truffle for a fusion flavour; and an incredible dim sum filled with roast duck and dressed with Chinese five spice.

Song Chinese restaurant in Rome: Matcha and lobster dim sum

In terms of drinks, we started with a Japanese plum wine or Umeshu spritz, and then I continued with Chinese Tsingtao beer, although there is also an excellent wine list.

After the dim sum banquet at Song restaurant in Rome, we continued sampling some of their noodle dishes. I particularly enjoyed a soy sauce noodle dish, laced with light spice, and a decadent lobster noodle dish served in a half lobster.

Lobster noodles at Song Chinese restaurant in Rome

Of course, we couldn’t leave without trying the house Peking duck with Mandarin pancakes, which was perfectly executed. Combining classic julienne vegetables, hoi sin sauce and a beautifully moist yet crisp duck, this was a satisfying dish to share.

If you love desserts, don’t forget to try the house hiromi cake!

All in all, Song Chinese restaurant in Rome is a wonderful way to dive into the melting pot of Hong Kong cuisine while enjoying a beautifully appointed dining room and ingredients reflecting Italian excellence.

Highly recommended!

Testaccina was a guest of Song Chinese restaurant in Rome

Song Ristorante | Via Valadier 14 | Rome

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