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I Want to Start a Blog. What Should I Write About?

So you’ve decided you want to start a blog. Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step to becoming a better writer. Blogs are a great way to develop your voice, pursue your interests, meet like-minded writers and readers, and find out if writing for a living is a journey you’d like to embark upon. Starting…

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Maria Pasquale of HeartRome: “When You Write, Be Authentic”

Don’t underestimate Maria Pasquale, the brains behind HeartRome, a polished lifestyle blog which pays homage to great gelato and fine dining in Rome and beyond, covering spa experiences, art history, Melbourne highlights, Abruzzo home-cooking and the odd Parisian macaron. HeartRome is a feel-good place to hang out, pick up gourmet dining tips for the capital…

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8 Reasons Why Navigating the Freelance Life is Like Learning to Sail (2)

From being ready for the unexpected, to keeping yourself afloat through the rough and the smooth, running a freelance business can be a lot like learning to navigate a boat. Here are some suggestions for keeping the wind in your sails and steering away from storms, no matter what stage you are at on the…

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8 Reasons Why Navigating the Freelance Life is Like Learning to Sail

Have you ever longed to own a boat? I know I have. It’s the ultimate symbol of freedom, connected to a childlike sense of play; seeing your own efforts translate into movement through a lengthening stroke. Then there’s the process: resealing and painting it in bright colours in the spring, while anticipating the first trip…

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