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Meaters Brace Bar steakhouse Rome serves some of the best steaks in the city

Meaters – Brace Bar, a high quality steakhouse in Rome, has recently opened in the Ponte Milvio area to delight customers with some of the best steaks in Rome. High quality dry-aged steaks and other cuts of prime meat are served alongside unique dishes and sides, making this an outstanding option if you’re looking for…

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Santa Brace in Rome's Colli Portuensi district is aiming to be the best steakhouse in Rome. Expect barbeque, grill, tartare, charcuterie and burgers.

Restaurants in Rome: Santa Brace, a sensational new steakhouse in Rome

Trying to find the best steakhouse in Rome isn’t easy. While high quality cuts of meat feature on a vast amount of trattoria menus across the city, there haven’t been many great go-to places just for meat lovers. Apart from a few chain steakhouse options, up until now, you’ve have basically needed to stick to…

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