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7 reasons to love Barberini, Testaccio’s cult baker and confectioner

In September 2016, Barberini, the popular baker and confectioner on Via Marmorata in Testaccio, received a serious makeover. Now, it’s jewel-like sweet treats sit in the sumptuous setting they deserve. I went for breakfast to check out its new look and remind myself what there is to love about this incredible Testaccio institution. 1. It’s…

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Because Ice Is Nice: Italy’s Gelato Festival in Rome, 5-15 May 2016

When you get a call to judge a food competition in Rome, you say yes. When it’s a gourmet ice-cream tournament being held on the glorious terraces of the Pincio, overlooking Piazza del Popolo, you pinch yourself (and have a light lunch). Tomorrow – after a successful tour taking in Florence and Parma – Italy’s…

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The Big Melt-Off: Rome’s gelato wars

Testaccina likes a good scrap. Especially when food is involved. We’re not talking bun-fights, but healthy competition – the best thing, in our opinion, to ensure that members of the public get quality, consistency, and keen prices. It’s still 30 degrees in Rome and gelato is definitely high on the agenda, so I decided to…

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