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All'Oro Rome Michelin star restaurant

All’Oro Rome: Michelin star restaurant delivers dramatic delight

All’Oro Rome, a Michelin star restaurant by Riccardo di Giacinto, has entered the canons of Rome’s fine dining scene for good reason. Approaching a decade with a Michelin star, All’Oro has matured into a key reference point on the Roman restaurant scene, these days occupying a handsome, dark-wood-lined ground-floor space at boutique hotel The H’All…

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Best Michelin-star restaurants in Rome: Il Tino restaurant, Fiumicino

Best Michelin-star restaurants in Rome: the unmissable Il Tino, Fiumicino

What do you imagine when you think of a Michelin-starred dining experience, and indeed, a Michelin-starred chef? The drive out to Michelin-starred restaurant Il Tino in Fiumicino takes you past meadows flanking dusty roads; slow traffic on a single carriageway skirting the edge of the seaside town. We turn into the ample carpark of a…

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