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Lunch in the Castelli Romani: how to visit Ariccia or Frascati with public transport, to eat porchetta in a typical fraschetta. How to get to the Castelli Romani, including Nemi, Genzano, Marino, Monte Porzio Catone and Albano Laziale. #castelliromani

Lunch in the Castelli Romani, including how to get to Ariccia and Frascati with public transport

If you’re looking for information on having lunch in the Castelli Romani, and more specifically, how to get to the towns of Frascati or Ariccia¬†with public transport, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting the Castelli Romani is not only an easy day trip from Rome, it’s an ideal location for a lunch outside Rome,…

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Easter in Rome involves a famous Via Crucis procession on Good Friday afternoon.To avoid the crowds, try the Via Crucis in the Testaccio district instead.

Visiting Rome at Easter: the Via Crucis procession in Testaccio on Good Friday

The Via Crucis, or Stations of the Cross, is a well-established Christian ceremony where worshippers attempt to walk in the steps of Christ on his journey to Calvary, held each year on Good Friday. In Rome, the Pope’s evening Via Crucis is one of the most atmospheric traditions of Easter Weekend, with the pontiff presiding…

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PREVIEW: This week, Testaccio celebrates its beloved Santa Maria Liberatrice

The annual festa patronale¬†is almost upon Testaccio – the day when the rione’s patron saint, Santa Maria Liberatrice, is celebrated in the piazza with a parade and party. The official festival period officially opened Friday evening with a church service and over the next eight days, the main piazza will be filled with music and…

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Rome welcomes Francesco I

I woke this morning to the thud of helicopters overhead as Rome prepared to enthrone its new Pope. Public transport was free until 14.00, a gift from the city to its people and pilgrims on this festival day. Pope Francesco I’s face had already been plastered onto the back of the sight-seeing double deckers and…

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Pope Francesco I

In a city where the Pope is more important than the President, it’s not surprising that even the flyposting sometimes takes on a strange fervency. I found this photo pinned to a wall the morning after the new Pope’s election. The old women chat about his kind smile in front of the church of Santa…

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