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Tivoli restaurant La Fornarina serves exceptional gourmet food as well as pizzas and Roman classics, a short drive from Rome, Italy

Visiting Tivoli: La Fornarina restaurant excels in creative gourmet delights

Tivoli, a stunning hilltop town around 25 km from Rome, is a great destination year round. But while a trip in high season might see you dedicate more time to visiting its outdoor delights of Villa D’Este and Villa Adriano, low season is the perfect opportunity to focus on a leisurely lunch in a cosy…

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Agriturismo La Riserva di Martignanello is an ideal daytrip from Rome. Have lunch or dinner by the lake, or stay the night in the farmhouse apartments.

Agriturismo La Riserva di Martignanello: lunch by the lake near Rome

It’s no wonder than Romans like to escape the city during the weekend. Rome always has plenty to offer, but destinations for locals-in-the-know, like Agriturismo La Riserva di Martignanello, represent a real weekend upgrade to recharge the batteries. Agriturismo La Riserva di Martignanello is a well-appointed rustic retreat in relative solitude on the Roman lake…

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Weekend break from Rome: agriturismo Il Bagolaro offers a pool and rustic dining

Farmhouse stays or agriturismi are a delightfully popular Italian thing, allowing tourists and travellers to get off the beaten path and explore the countryside, pay reasonable B&B rates, and often dine on delicious rustic cuisine (almost always characterised by hearty portions). Il Bagolaro is a charming farmhouse retreat and restaurant, a 40 minute drive from…

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