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Romantic dinner in Rome: 16 of Rome’s most romantic restaurants

If you’re looking for a list of romantic restaurants in Rome, you’ve come to the right place. This post rounds up 16 of the most romantic dinner options in Rome for every budget. So don’t worry if it’s a first date or a Golden Wedding Anniversary – what follows is a selection of divine places…

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Al fresco dining in Rome at Ristorante La Regola - review

Ristorante La Regola delights with al fresco dining in a timeless Rome piazza

Ristorante La Regola, a restaurant in the centre of Rome, offers al fresco dining in a timeless Roman piazza practically all year round, with a refreshing menu that elegantly captures Roman traditions.

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The best 4 star hotel in Rome, the Kolbe Hotel Rome, has a sensational garden restaurant, Unique Al Palatino, and a peaceful position by the Palatine Hill

The Kolbe Hotel on Rome’s Palatine Hill has the perfect garden restaurant and roof terrace

Ideal four-star hotel in Rome – Kolbe Hotel Rome Are you looking for the hotel holy grail in Rome, peaceful lodgings just a few minutes walk from the city’s historical heart? The Kolbe Hotel Rome could be the right Rome hotel for you. This refined, four-star structure has been enchanting hotel guests for 12 years,…

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Coromandel restaurant in Rome combines an intimate location with delicious food, for a romantic dinner or one of the best brunches in Rome.

Coromandel Restaurant in Rome creates intimate magic for the perfect dinner date

All great nights out should end or begin with getting lost in Rome’s crooked, cobble-covered streets. Just steps away from the bustle of Piazza Navona, there’s a timeless neighbourhood which still hits the spot in high season. Turn the corner beyond the bustle of piazza del Fico and find Coromandel, a restaurant which¬†has reigned supreme…

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Barra Pescheria con Cucina in Rome serves great fish with flair

Finding a great fish restaurant in Rome is always a thrill, and I’m delighted to add Barra Pescheria con Cucina, in piazza Vescovio, straight to the list. This new restaurant and high-end fishmonger is in one of Rome’s more refined residential areas, so it’s not an easy hike from the centre. However, if your hotel’s…

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Trattoria Pennestri is one of the best new restaurants in Rome combining traditional ingredients with international flair, for a romantic dinner in Rome.

Trattoria Pennestri sets new, refined standards for Rome’s Ostiense district

If I told you that Trattoria Pennestri was located in the Ostiense district, just a stone’s throw from Testaccio and Garbatella, you’d be forgiven for expecting robust Roman cuisine and no-nonsense interior decor. But this restaurant is much more interesting, taking its inspiration from the best Roman and Italian traditions, before exploring them with refined…

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