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Paolo Trippini of Ristorante di Civitella del Lago brings a pop-up restaurant to Eataly Ostiense in Rome called 'Bosco Umbro', offering seasonal food at its finest.

Paolo Trippini’s Bosco Umbro: Pop-up restaurant at Eataly Rome

You now have yet another reason to visit Eataly in Rome’s Ostiense district: a fabulous pop-up gourmet restaurant on the third floor from chef Paolo Trippini. Eataly’s breathtaking top-floor space has hosted some great gourmet offerings over the years, and this is another equally exciting venture. Paolo Trippini, chef of Ristorante di Civitella del Lago,…

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Review of Gazometro38, a bar and restaurant specialising in gourmet pizzas and cocktails in Rome's Ostiense district, offering aperitivo and lunch options as well.

Rome restaurants: Gazometro38, gourmet pizza and cocktails in hip Ostiense

Gazometro38 review Gazometro38 is a bar and restaurant specialising in gourmet pizzas and cocktails, but also offering surprising depth across a menu which changes every four months, to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and add tasty new options for regular customers. Located in a former industrial space on Rome’s via del Gazometro, in the city’s…

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erpetual Ristorazione Differente is a new gourmet restaurant in Rome, located in piazza Iside near the Colosseum, offering a tasting menu, plus à la carte options. This review of Perpetual Restaurant Rome includes menu and prices.

Restaurants in Rome: REVIEW Perpetual Ristorazione Differente, gourmet magic

UPDATE: Perpetual Ristorazione Differente is now permanently closed. For another great take on modern gourmet cuisine in Rome, with a sensational rooftop cocktail bar to boot, try Jacopa.  Perpetual Ristorazione Differente is an incredible new gourmet experience in Rome, located in the enchanting piazza Iside, just a few minutes from the Colosseum in one of the…

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3 great ideas for eating fish in Rome, including Ristorante Chinappi, Livello1 in EUR, and Eataly Rome. Some of the best fish restaurants in Rome.

Eating fish in Rome: 3 out of this world restaurant experiences

If you’re travelling to the Eternal City and are planning on eating fish in Rome, you’ve come to the right plaice. Of all the dining choices in the world, you really need to be in good hands when ordering fish. Sourcing the fish, storing the fish and preparing it correctly are all crucial steps for…

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Rome’s newest Calabrian restaurant and food laboratory, Forte, in Tiburtina, is a welcome game changer for the Roman dining scene.

Calabrian restaurant and food lab Forte is a box of delights in Rome Tiburtina

Rome’s newest Calabrian restaurant and food laboratory, Forte, is a welcome game changer for the Roman dining scene. While it’s perhaps common knowledge that the range of ethnic restaurants in Rome is patchy at best, you might imagine that the Italian regions would be comprehensively represented. That’s not entirely the case, especially if we look…

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Altrove Restaurant, a social cooking project in Garbatella, Rome, retrains migrants, refugees and disadvantaged youngsters to give them a new start in life.

Restaurants in Rome: Altrove in Garbatella – saving the world, one bite at a time

Altrove Restaurant is a new restaurant in the Garbatella district of Rome with an extraordinary plan. In a city like this, it’s hard enough to come up with a new food concept to draw a regular clientele which lasts longer than the latest summer fad. Well, Altrove is a restaurant which has launched with a…

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Queen Bee Roma is a new burger, pizza and lobster restaurant in the heart of Rome, with a cocktail and champagne bar to boot. Read on for the full review!

REVIEW: Rome restaurants – Queen Bee Roma: pizza, burgers and lobster

Queen Bee Roma is a new restaurant with a huge menu which manages to achieve a truly difficult task: offering vast choice, without skimping on the quality of the ingredients and the finished product. The sign over the door sets up its ambitions. Queen Bee Roma specialises in pizza, burgers and lobsters, and as soon…

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