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Easter in Rome involves a famous Via Crucis procession on Good Friday afternoon.To avoid the crowds, try the Via Crucis in the Testaccio district instead.

Visiting Rome at Easter: the Via Crucis procession in Testaccio on Good Friday

The Via Crucis, or Stations of the Cross, is a well-established Christian ceremony where worshippers attempt to walk in the steps of Christ on his journey to Calvary, held each year on Good Friday. In Rome, the Pope’s evening Via Crucis is one of the most atmospheric traditions of Easter Weekend, with the pontiff presiding…

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Mamá, don’t cry: Botero’s Via Crucis

Saturday 13 February sees the opening of Botero: Via Crucis, la passione di Cristo at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. This fascinating exhibition, featuring 27 oil paintings and 36 sketches and watercolours, has already been shown in Chile, Colombia, the United States, Panama and Portugal. All of the works of art were created between…

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