The best selfie-stick: a product review

Review of the Yoozon Selfie Stick Bluetooth, Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand

I have avoided getting a selfie-stick forever. When they first came out, they seemed like the ultimate in naff tourist-not-traveller accessory. But as I started blogging more, growing my Instagram account more, doing more video and plenty of solo travel, I started to sense that a selfie-stick might be a good idea and decided to research the best selfie sticks around.

So I fired up Amazon last week and googled selfie-stick, because (a) I was too lazy to walk up to the Colosseum and buy one from a handy illegal vendor, and (b) I wanted to get something of decent quality, i.e. read the reviews first.

Of course, like every session on amazon, what starts off as a basic purchase idea soon turns into a race to find said object with all the bells and whistles you didn’t know you needed. Essentially, what began as the search for A selfie stick had turned into a race for THE BEST selfie stick. I’m sure you know that feeling.

And what came up at the top of the Amazon search results was this: a bluetooth selfie stick with built in tripod. The product is made by Yoozon and includes free delivery if you’re a Prime customer.

Links for the product on, and right here:

Of course, as soon as I saw the words bluetooth and tripod, I had to have it. Also because the reviews were surprisingly good, suggesting that the tripod was fairly sturdy and the bluetooth remote a work of genius, making it actually one of the best selfie sticks on the market.

I realised that I was looking at a future where I might potentially never have to ask a stranger again to take a photo of me, and I could record video without displaying nostril hairs (win-win).

What follows is an unboxing video of said selfie-stick over from my dedicated YouTube channel (go here to subscribe) and my first attempts at using it, as I decide if it really is one of the best selfie sticks out there.

Check it out if you like a laugh – and happy snapping!

And if you’d like to see some of my latest efforts with this piece of kit, don’t forget to check out my Instagram as well.

Video review of the Yoozon Selfie Stick Bluetooth, extendable selfie stick with wireless remote and tripod stand. One of the best selfie sticks, this is essential gear for not just bloggers, but anyone who wants to take great photos while travelling.

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