Umbria resort Borgo La Chiaracia is the perfect Umbria destination when looking for a relaxing spa experience in Umbria, with a swimming pool and fine dining. This elegant resort, the brainchild of two technology entrepreneurs, has 26 rooms on 14 hectares of land. The rooms are divided across several structures which resemble country villas from the outside, but are state-of-the-art, 5* accommodation within.

Borgo La Chiaracia opened just before the pandemic before relaunching fully in 2021. This stylish resort attracts both Italian and overseas travellers, and has already built up a faithful clientele. Hotel management tells me that most clients book directly with the structure, and it is worth your time doing the same. Contact details here.

Why should you choose Borgo La Chiaracia for your vacation in Umbria? This spotless countryside retreat has something for everyone, and very affordable pricing for a 5* resort. It is conveniently located in the southwest corner of Umbria, just 500 metres from the Lazio border, and 20km from the Tuscan border. This means it is very convenient for joining the dots when you are exploring multiple Italian destinations. Furthermore, the resort is about a 30 minute drive from Orvieto station. The hotel offers a pick up service from Orvieto if you travelling by train and don’t have a car.

Read on for my review of the different services and amenities offered at Borgo La Chiaracia in Umbria.

Spa at Borgo La Chiaracia, Umbria resort with fine dining
The spa at Borgo La Chiaracia has a pool that can be enjoyed inside and out

Restaurants and bar at Borgo La Chiaracia in Umbria

Borgo La Chiaracia has two restaurants that its guests can use. The first, Ristorante Pagoda, is only open to resident guests staying at the hotel. This restaurant serves reasonably classic regional recipes with a modern twist and is a great option if you are sleeping in the hotel and don’t want to move too far. What really makes the Pagoda restaurant special is the fact that ingredients for many of the dishes are grown extremely locally. The wine served in this restaurant is grown directly on the estate. We drank an excellent crisp chardonnay with our lunch made from vines that could be seen out of the window! Highlights of lunch included tortellini in brodo, filled pasta in broth, plus an organic poached egg served on creamed chestnuts and parmesan cream. Look out too for local wild boar stew, called bujone.

The second restaurant at Borgo La Chiaracia is called Radici, meaning roots, and it is a gourmet restaurant open to external guests as well (diners who aren’t necessarily staying in the hotel). As with Pagoda Restaurant, chef Daniele Auricchio is the expert behind the menu and guiding the kitchen staff.

Radici is an impressive restaurant with a mix of a la carte options and tasting menus. The plates are inspired by local traditions but also the passions of chef Auricchio, who hails from Naples. Expect dishes which revisit classic dishes of Italian cuisine, but also a layering of flavours and a masterful use of vegetables, which don’t always get centre stage in gourmet cuisine.

The highlights of my dinner at Ristorante Radici included the Jackson Pollock-esque erbe amara, a colourful plate dotted with cavoli nero chips, jerusalem artichoke, chard and onion. Meanwhile, the risotto was a tasty mix of red cabbage and cauiflower, with a distinctive red ring on the plate.

Perhaps my favourite dish was the crowd pleasing duck, orange and carrots five ways, which reinterpreted these three ingredients in five different forms, from a carrot juice to a sliver of roast duck wrapped in carrot and orange. We tried two desserts: a classic, refined tarte tatin, plus a modern and interesting savoury ice-cream dish. Auricchio is a fine talent and this is event dining with a special consideration for local traditions and ingredients.

Finally, don’t miss the bar, which is a cut above the usual bar you might expect in a resort hotel. Bar Etrusco recently won an award from cocktail critics Blue Blazer, and the mixology here is top notch.

Room at Borgo La Chiaracia, Umbria spa resort with fine dining
The rooms at Borgo La Chiaracia combine tradition with modern comfort

Spa at Borgo La Chiaracia

The spa at Borgo La Chiaracia is an extensive affair with multiple amenities and services. Guests and non-guests can access the facility, with the latter paying a day rate. Guests can access the heated indoor and outdoor pools, the saline room, plus a suite of saunas, which includes a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath.

While the main spa services will keep you well entertained and are extensive enough not to feel overrun, you might also want to consider a treatment, such as a massage or a facial. I tried both and was very impressed with the skills of the beauticians and masseurs. The experience was incredibly relaxing and fragrance plays a key part in the wellness circuit. Highly recommended.

Rooms at Borgo La Chiaracia

The rooms and suites at Borgo La Chiaracia have a traditional feel with wood beamed ceilings, but a modern and high tech polish. I slept incredibly well in my room, enjoying unspoilt views over the Umbrian landscape. This really is an exceptional destination for travellers seeking some R&R while exploring central Italy and the Umbria region. Look out for special packages and deals year round – prices start at around €180 per room in low season which is exceptional value for a 5* of this calibre.

Highly recommended!

Testaccina was a guest of Borgo La Chiaracia

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