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A guide to 3 cemeteries in Rome worth visiting, all built for very different purposes: Verano, the non-Catholic cemetery and the Commonwealth cemetery.

Excavating tales of the dead in Rome’s Verano Cemetery: Cynthia Korzekwa

Testaccina visits Texan-born artist Cythia Korzekwa in her studio in San Lorenzo, to find out more about the illustrations in her compelling blog, Art for Housewives, and her project to uncover the stories of the illustrious dead in the Verano Cemetery I first came across Cythnia Korzekwa’s blog, Art for Housewives, a few months ago, and…

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Channel your inner Romantic poet as Autumn arrives in Rome

With last weekend’s equinox ushering in the autumn, it’s a great time to turn your thoughts to the season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness” and channel your inner Romantic poet. Keats wrote his famous ode ‘to Autumn’ on September 19th 1819 after a Sunday walk in the English village of Winchester, but here are four…

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