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Off Club Rome is a grown-up club and cocktail bar, with fusion food, east of the city

Off Club Rome: a grown-up club and cocktail bar, with fusion food, east of the city

Off Club Rome is a new venture from AS Roma footballer Francesco Curcio and professional poker player Matteo Di Persio near trendy Pigneto, in the Casal Bertone neighbourhood. Designed by Sicilian architect Antonino Cardillo, Wallpaper* magazine has already praised its ‘Kubrickian monoliths’ and ‘a continuity consciously akin to Escher’. Expect interiors which nod to 1960s…

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Ciemmona’s Critical Mass weekend concludes in sunshine at the sea

Ciemmona’s three-day Critical Mass event last weekend in Rome concluded with a great outing to the sea and a good-natured celebration on the beach. Following rain-spattered meet-ups on Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday dawned sunny and hot as thousands of cyclists convened in Piazzale Ostiense for a coordinated ride to Ostia. As the pack of…

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PREVIEW: Ciemmona gets Rome on its bike for a three day Critical Mass event

Ci-emm-ona. The letters C and M, spelled phonetically in Italian – plus that slightly elusive ona, the augmentative which basically means “the big one”. This weekend, Rome’s Critical Mass movement – which meets on a monthly basis to remind Rome’s motorists that they’re not the only road users in town – organises three days of…

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Biker beware: dead ends and debris along the Tiber

Rome should be a great city for cycling. Its climate is the envy of much of Europe (including northern Italy) and while it suffers from rather wet winters, they are short and mild. Warm days return in April and can last right through to December. As far as the city’s topography goes, the seven hills…

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Clubs in Rome: Instabike

Some weekend clubs come and go, but Instabike Roma, despite it’s pop-up name, seems destined to stay. The third incarnation of the Instabike “phenomenon” in the world (after Tokyo and Amsterdam) arrived in Rome about six months ago courtesy of young creative Marco Diotallevi. The idea behind the club, which has its roots unashamedly in…

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