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The Globe Theatre Rome features live performances of Shakespeare translated into Italian, for a three month summer season in Villa Borghese.

Globe Theatre Rome: Shakespeare live in Villa Borghese

Curious about the Globe Theatre Rome? Constructed in the year 2003 and with a capacity of around 1,200 places, Rome’s Globe Theatre, featuring Shakespeare plays translated into Italian, can be a fun summer excursion when on holiday in Rome, even if linguistically challenging for English mother tongue speakers. Visiting the Globe Theatre, Rome Foreign translations…

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Mordi e Vai, a street food stall in Testaccio market, serves hearty sandwiches filled with pasta sauces and traditional Roman recipes

Mordi e Vai: street food in Testaccio market

Mordi e Vai has become one of the most famous street food stalls in Testaccio market. The stand, run by Sergio Esposito, serves hearty sandwiches filled with pasta sauces and traditional Roman stews. Mordi e Vai literally means ‘bite and run’ and the street food stall has won numerous awards, featuring in many Rome guides….

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Nature excursions in Rome: visit the gardens of Ninfa

5 cheap nature excursions in Rome

There’s something about the summer in Italy which makes the city’s delights pale in comparison to the natural world. Whether you love beaches or mountains, relaxing in the heat or flexing your legs, here are five cheap and cheerful ideas for nature excursions in Rome. I’ve favoured plans that involve public transport but you might…

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Review: Breakfast at Linari

Dear Audrey, you can keep breakfast at Tiffany’s… love, Testaccina Linari, Testaccio review The only experience I can liken it to is a bun-fight. You stand three deep at the counter, two queues snaking back from the cash register. The few tables inside Linari are overflowing with pensioners and families, while the ones on the…

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