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Venice things to do: The 25 best things to do in Venice, Italy, including visiting Murano and Burano, cheap gondola rides, and restaurant ideas in Venice.

Venice things to do: the 25 best things to do in Venice, Italy

Venice things to do: and why you should visit Venice at least once in your lifetime Fragile, unique, immense Venice is a city which lives up to its promises: there’s really nowhere else in the world like it. If there’s one place you should go at least once in your life, that place is Venice….

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Venice rises up against the ships that are sinking the city

Venice, like many Italian cities, has a complicated relationship with tourists. On the one hand, they bring much needed revenues to the city, comprising a significant part of its income; on the other, they sometimes bring out the worst in its citizens, and indeed, worsen Venice. One of the most beautiful cities in the world,…

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