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The ultimate guide to driving a scooter in Rome, with tips, tricks and safety suggestions

How to drive a scooter in Italy: 50 tips and tricks for driving a Vespa in Rome

I’ve been driving a scooter (or motorino, as they’re called in Italy) in Rome for nearly ten years. That’s a decade of insane traffic, painful tumbles, vigorously exchanged gestures with other drivers and coming back to find your (parked) Vespa dented or with the seat slashed. It’s also been ten years of always being on…

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Why Are Italians so Great at Design? Italianism, May 14 in Rome, Might Have the Answer

Why are Italians so great at design? There’s a strong argument, at least in recent times, that living and breathing the rich heritage of Italy’s cultural past has nurtured an appreciation and instinct for the beautiful. But what about generations past, the great builders of the Medieval period, the first artists to forge the revolution…

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