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PREVIEW: Testaccio’s gentrification in pictures, a new exhibition from local sociologist Irene Ranaldi

This Wednesday in Testaccio, sociologist and writer Irene Ranaldi launches her photographic exhibition telling the history of the area in images and icons. Hosted by café bar “Il caffè del Seme e la Foglia”, the show comprises photos taken between 1990 and 2000, some representing classic visions of Testaccio’s past, others providing a surprising or…

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Venice rises up against the ships that are sinking the city

Venice, like many Italian cities, has a complicated relationship with tourists. On the one hand, they bring much needed revenues to the city, comprising a significant part of its income; on the other, they sometimes bring out the worst in its citizens, and indeed, worsen Venice. One of the most beautiful cities in the world,…

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PREVIEW: This week, Testaccio celebrates its beloved Santa Maria Liberatrice

The annual festa patronale is almost upon Testaccio – the day when the rione’s patron saint, Santa Maria Liberatrice, is celebrated in the piazza with a parade and party. The official festival period officially opened Friday evening with a church service and over the next eight days, the main piazza will be filled with music and…

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Adolf Hitler’s Testaccio

    As I was walking down Adolf Hitler Street on the edge of Testaccio the other day, it got me thinking about how times have changed. Via A. Hitler, a long, wide avenue which joins Porta San Paolo with Stazione Ostiense, was built in 1938 by Mussolini on the occasion of the Führer’s visit…

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PREVIEW: Extra Large, MACRO Testaccio

For a few months, the oversized art installation “Big Bambu” has been towering above MACRO Testaccio, the contemporary art museum and exhibition space in the district’s former slaughter-house. Created by two American artists – and twins – Mike and Doug Starn, the 25 metre-high structure of interlocking bamboo canes (which can be freely climbed by…

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