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Doppio Malto Rome is a brew restaurant near the Trevi fountain serving craft beers, burgers, grilled meats and great desserts in a post-industrial space.

Doppio Malto in Rome, a new brew restaurant near the Trevi fountain

Doppio Malto, a new brew restaurant near the Trevi fountain in Rome, has added an extra dimension to a touristy part of the city which sometimes disappoints in terms of dining choices. Beyond the sumptuous craft beer menu, expect moreish fried goodies at Doppio Malto Rome, tender roast capons, sausages, steak and hamburgers to suit…

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Babingtons Tea Rooms, at the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome, is celebrating an astonishing 125 years in the Eternal City.

Babingtons Tea Rooms: the cat that got the cream celebrates 125 years in Rome

Babingtons Tea Rooms in Rome is an extraordinary institution in a city which knows a thing or two about ancient history. Coming up to its 125th anniversary in 2018, the original Babingtons Tea Rooms was opened in 1893 in Via Due Macelli by two enterprising young women who wanted to make a respectable living in…

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