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Testaccina’s guide to street food in Rome: Don, pizza fritta Napoletana

Within scoffing distance of Testaccio, Don is a recently opened street food spot whose acquaintance I am delighted to have made. Don does one thing and it does it very well: Neapolitan fried pizzas. If you’ve never had one of these (made in the correct way) and you just glanced at the photo, you would…

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The 5 minute review: Giano Laboratorio Gastronomico

I dropped in here for a rather special event – a night of food and beer pairing in conjunction with itinerant brewery Jungle Juice – and I wasn’t disappointed. This review is going to be in part influenced by the occasion, but when it comes down to it, the food really was the star of…

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Review: Luxe Associate Travel’s Culinary Walk through Rome

Borders are funny things, aren’t they? By defining territories, which piece of land some ancient King or Emperor annexed, they try to delineate populations, even impose a limit on where a certain tongue is spoken. But people, like languages, are fluid. Look at Rome right now: full of lost souls and adventurous souls and new…

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Avoid the Expat blues and get in the festive spirit in Rome this December

When you’re an Expat in Rome, it can be easy to feel homesick this time of year. Maybe you’re contemplating spending Christmas far from loved ones, or you are going to see family and friends for the holidays, but you’re struggling to get through the last few weeks without them. The build-up to festivities can…

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The Big Melt-Off: Rome’s gelato wars

Testaccina likes a good scrap. Especially when food is involved. We’re not talking bun-fights, but healthy competition – the best thing, in our opinion, to ensure that members of the public get quality, consistency, and keen prices. It’s still 30 degrees in Rome and gelato is definitely high on the agenda, so I decided to…

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Testaccio food hero crowned number one in Lazio region

Street food, these days, is a serious business. If the word “street” wasn’t enough to convince you that this eating style was on trend, the concept of preserving some of Italy’s finest traditions while encouraging cutting edge creativity might. Celebrating the best producers of street food, then, is another way of ensuring that the old…

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