Giano 1Giano Bottega Gastronomico is essentially a gourmet street-food bar, whose raison d’être is the creation of top quality, original sandwiches – something they take very seriously. I started my tasting here with a tartare of salmon, enveloped in a slice of marinated pineapple and sour cream, paired excellently with the Jellyfish Saison craft beer from Jungle Juice.

Then we got into serious Giano territory: the Carbonara sandwich, which apparently doesn’t always show up on the menu (but probably should). Containing a thin slice of pecorino and guanciale, topped with an extraordinary egg-yolk emulsion, the Giano team selected a crusty cob from Panificio Bonci to round out the experience. We then tried a bruschetta made from chestnut flour with pulled pork and barbeque sauce – absolutely exquisite; both of these courses were paired with highly drinkable APAs from Jungle Juice. To finish, a light panna cotta, dressed with cinnamon and peanut butter sauce – slightly sweet for my taste, but beautifully balanced with Jungle Juice’s Natale di Merda Imperial Stout.

Giano 2Giano is well worth a visit if you take street food seriously and appreciate a good craft beer alongside it. Open Monday to Fridays, this is primarily a lunch spot (indicative hours are 12-16) but it also reopens early evening on occasion. Next time I’ll try a salad or smoothie – and do ask for beer recommendations as they know their stuff.

€€ Sandwiches, salads, craft beer

Giano Bottega Gastronomico
Via Adda 127
00198 Roma