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Five reasons to visit Eataly in Rome Ostiense, the iconic store serving excellent food, supplying stand-out Italian produce and organising food festivals.

Eataly’s birthday and a Carbonara Festival – in Rome 21-25 June

There are two – make that three – excellent reasons to head over to Eataly‘s Rome flagship in the Ostiense district of town this week. Eataly’s birthday cake Firstly, Eataly marks its fifth birthday in the capital with the unveiling of an enormous birthday cake. And when I say enormous, how does a gigantic profiterole…

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Review of Eggs Roma: a new restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, specialising in gourmet egg recipes, with 8 kinds of carbonara plus exceptional street food

Review of Eggs Roma: new gourmet restaurant in Trastevere, Rome

Review: Eggs Roma, Trastevere, Rome There’s a brand new restaurant in the heart of Trastevere called Eggs (search for Eggs Roma on social media), which is focusing on one essential ingredient with unbelievable panache. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the name is a giveaway, put aside all your preconceptions before you try this place….

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This review of the Roman Guy's Trastevere Locals Food Tour introduces this Rome food tour which involves a walking tour through Trastevere, Rome.

Review: The Roman Guy’s Trastevere Locals Food Tour – a Rome food tour

The Roman Guy’s Trastevere Locals Food Tour: a Rome food and walking tour I have to say that my favourite time of day to take a food tour in Rome would have to be around twilight. It’s at this time of the day that you can combine many different kinds of eating experiences which are…

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Testaccina’s guide to street food in Rome: Don, pizza fritta Napoletana

Within scoffing distance of Testaccio, Don is a recently opened street food spot whose acquaintance I am delighted to have made. Don does one thing and it does it very well: Neapolitan fried pizzas. If you’ve never had one of these (made in the correct way) and you just glanced at the photo, you would…

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