Be.Re, a craft beer bar near the Vatican, has won over locals and tourists alike by serving excellent craft ales alongside some of the best street food in the city.

Rome's latest craft beer pub, Be.Re, combines artisan ales with Trapizzino street food, just a few minutes from the Vatican.

Be.Re. has two meanings – the Italian verb to drink (bere), as well as combining the words Beer and Restaurant, addressing its likely international clientele. Situated in Prati’s piazza Risorgimento, just minutes from the Vatican, it is especially a firm favourite as the weather warms up due to its outdoor tables. Even better for the thirsty tourist, Be.Re. is a close walk from St Peter’s and the Vatican Museums.

The main copper lined bar hides a state-of-the art delivery system for its 18 taps and six hand-pumps. Expect excellent local craft beers – last time I popped in, I drank beers from Eastside and Vento Forte, and spied other favourites such as Birrificio Rurale‘s Seta and a weissbier from Weihenstephaner. But the fun part is a built-in street food stall in an adjoining room – Stefano Callegari’s Trapizzino, no less. These mouthwatering pockets of pizza dough are stuffed with the sort of oozing fillings you’d usually see on a trattoria table – expect melanzane parmigiana, meatballs in tomato sauce, or hunter’s chicken, for around €4 per sandwich (and be ready to order two or three if you’re looking to substitute your evening meal).

At Be.Re., you simply ask the barman for your trapizzino of choice, and it’s delivered to your bar-stool while you drink. Above the main bar area there’s an inner hall with long tables and mood lighting, for bigger, rowdier groups (but it’s hard to beat the main bar for the people watching).

If you’re planning on becoming a regular, ceramic beer mugs are on sale for €20 branded Be.Re. and you can even book your own locker to keep it in. Preference at the moment is being given to famous publicans in town, brewers and restaurateurs. I live in hope of slapping a Testaccina sticker on one of those little windows by the end of the year. Watch this space.

 Be.Re. | Piazza Risorgimento 7A | Rome | 06 9442 1854Rome blogger Isobel Lee

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