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Lottozero: An Initiative Revitalising Artisan Textiles in Tuscany

For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll know that one of my passions is the creative arts and supporting artisans and artists everywhere, in the great fight against the death of imagination. Recently I came across Bolzano-born Tessa Moroder, an economist by trade who now lives in Prato in Tuscany and is working…

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Review: Luxe Associate Travel’s Culinary Walk through Rome

Borders are funny things, aren’t they? By defining territories, which piece of land some ancient King or Emperor annexed, they try to delineate populations, even impose a limit on where a certain tongue is spoken. But people, like languages, are fluid. Look at Rome right now: full of lost souls and adventurous souls and new…

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Rome’s Ground Zero: the true story of the Vatican

Can you turn a site of tragedy into a place of peace and reflection? Ask the citizens of New York. But first, you might want to talk to the Roman people, who know a little about the transforming power of love, history and time. Rome’s greatest irony is its imperial dichotomy: its pagan empire, which…

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REVIEW: Romeo e Giulietta, Silvano Toti Globe Theatre

I have always instinctively avoided foreign translations of Shakespeare’s plays. His distinctive language – that runs like a rich seam through idiomatic English – isn’t just the literary trick of putting words in the right order. Shakespeare’s lexicon featured thousands of freshly-forged terms which have survived to this day (scholars estimate that he invented ten…

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