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Typography in Florence Station, Italy

Signs of the times: Florence

Today on the blog I wanted to share a few photos that I took in Florence last week. They represent a geek passion of mine: signage, particularly lettering that hasn’t been updated in many moons. What I like about it so much is how much information typeface communicates. Have a look at the vintage letters…

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The Globe Theatre Rome features live performances of Shakespeare translated into Italian, for a three month summer season in Villa Borghese.

Globe Theatre Rome: Shakespeare live in Villa Borghese

Curious about the Globe Theatre Rome? Constructed in the year 2003 and with a capacity of around 1,200 places, Rome’s Globe Theatre, featuring Shakespeare plays translated into Italian, can be a fun summer excursion when on holiday in Rome, even if linguistically challenging for English mother tongue speakers. Visiting the Globe Theatre, Rome Foreign translations…

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