Below: Tessa and Arianna. Photos by Rachele Salvioli
Below: Tessa and Arianna, Lottozero’s founders. Photos by Rachele Salvioli
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For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll know that one of my passions is the creative arts and supporting artisans and artists everywhere, in the great fight against the death of imagination.

Recently I came across Bolzano-born Tessa Moroder, an economist by trade who now lives in Prato in Tuscany and is working on a fascinating project with her sister, Arianna. Tessa’s 34 and Arianna is just 30, but they’ve recently renovated an old, disused warehouse in Prato to create a co-working space for designers, particularly those focused on textiles.

The plan is to encourage the development of emerging talent through collaborations with established realities and creative residencies, while revitalising one of the leading textile areas in Europe.

Born out of a Kickstarter crowdfunding effort, Lottozero today boasts a sustainable centre in Prato, Tuscany, featuring a workshop with machinery for textile design, an exhibition space for shows and events, a fashion and textile and material library, and open coworking studios for designers, artists and artisans.

There is also a residential option, which is perfect for fashion and textile designers coming to the industrial city of Prato. It includes the stay in a fully-equipped private apartment and the possibility to work inside the Lottozero/textile laboratories headquarters.

Lottozero is a welcoming and stimulating open space environment frequented by local and international designers and artists, where sharing techniques and knowledge in the textile field is encouraged. The 400-m2 space includes working desks and the equipped textile laboratory, with the spirit of collaboration and creativity thrown in for free!

To find out more visit Lottozero | Via Arno 10 | 59100 Prato | Toscana | Italy | Tel +39 0574 22883 | email