Food delivery in Rome has become an integral part of the restaurant scene in the Italian capital after a year of lockdowns. Some food delivery options are more successful than others; not all meals will arrive piping hot, and some look different to how they appeared on the photo. Others just don’t seem to taste the same outside the restaurant.

For me, the best food delivery in Rome includes a mixture of sweet and savoury options, from speciality cakes through to sushi – because variety is the spice of life! I prefer non heated options because I hate the scramble to get things on your plate when the delivery arrives. So read on for my top 11 options for food delivery in Rome, and don’t forget to give me your feedback via a comment on this post, or social media!

1. Best food delivery app in Rome: Moovenda

Moovenda, a Roman food delivery app, launched in 2015 after its founders won a start-up competition in Rome. Friends Simone Terranova, Filippo Chiricozzi and Simone Ridolfi knew they were on to something, even though Moovenda was decidedly ahead of its time.

Originally created with the idea of offering high quality, sustainable food delivery in the capital, it was perhaps as visionary as it was underappreciated back then. Yet another funding round in 2018 underlined its credentials, before the global sucker punch of the pandemic arrived in 2020. With the boom in home delivery, it was clear that Moovenda had something to offer – more than ever.

Distinguished by an employment model which hires and insures its workers, it stands out for a ‘fairtrade’ approach in a sea of delivery sharks. Moovenda has also set out its stall to partner with the best restaurants in Rome whose approach to quality reflects its own ethical business model. They also don’t haggle over location – expect to see your order delivered anywhere within the GRA circular highway in Rome, for a reasonable fee, no matter how far you are from the restaurant. Added to that, the delivery squad moves across the city on electric scooters, so they’re protecting the planet too!

Moovenda’s drivers are equipped with modern, temperature controlled food boxes so your order arrives pretty much in the state it was prepared. Diners can order via the phone app or desktop site. Now I’ve tried this sustainable approach, it’s going to be hard to go back!

Best food delivery app in Rome: Moovenda, delivering food by the best Japanese restaurant in Rome, Hasekura
Ordering Hasekura food via Moovenda

2. Best Japanese food delivery in Rome: Hasekura

I’ve written about Japanese restaurant Hasekura before and you may remember me nominating it as one of the best, if not the best, Japanese restaurant in Rome. Haskura maintains its extremely high standards in the food delivery space, serving exquisite dishes ranging from soba noodles to sushi, which transport extremely well. The price reflects the exceptional quality of the fish – these are dishes you will not easily forget.

How to order: Call the restaurant directly on 06483648, whatsapp on 3517214681, or use sustainable delivery apps Giusta or Moovenda. The menu is available here.

3. Best grocery delivery service in Rome: MyBanco

MyBanco is a pioneering new app which brings together the modern world of ecommerce and the traditional world of Rome’s markets. By putting consumers into contact with local market-holders in a digital way, MyBanco helps redress the unfair advantage that supermarkets and ecommerce giants have gained in recent times.

I tried out the app with my local market, Testaccio, and had a great experience ordering from a selection of stallholders adhering to the initiative. It actually introduced me to stalls I hadn’t tried before, including Altro Pasta & Vino, producers of incredibly good fresh pasta. You just have to try the tagliolini! I also loved the fresh vegetables from Da Silvia, who grows all the produce herself in the Sabine Hills above Rome. I was also blown away (as usual) by the fresh fish from the marvellous Testaccio market fishmonger da Simona.

From fish to fresh pasta, fruit and vegetables to cheeses and basic ingredients, orders are priced exactly as if you were going to the market yourselves, with a flat €5 fee for delivery. Great experience!

How to order: Download the MyBanco app and select your closest market – it will then tell you which stallholders are available via the platform! All orders have a flat €5 fee for delivery.

Best food delivery in Rome: MyBanco brings a taste of Rome's markets to your door

4. Best Argentinian food in Rome: Ceibo Sapori

Ceibo Sapori is an adorable Argentinean restaurant located in Tor Pignattara. One of those courageous restaurants which opened in spring 2021, despite the waves of restaurant closures, Ceibo has set out its stall with a few, simple, delivery-friendly dishes leading with a wide range of empanadas. These simple savoury pies are stuffed with everything from prawns to spicy chorizo sausage, as well as vegetarian options.

Complemented with a range of Argentinian beers and wines, this is a lovely place to get to know Argentinian cuisine – and where better to start than in the comfort of your own home? Dishes such as empanadas are delivered semi-cooked, so you can finish them off with just 10 minutes in the oven and eat them piping hot. Yum!

How to order: If you’re in the Pigneto area, go ahead and call the restaurant for speedy local delivery on 0688921036. Otherwise, jump on the Just Eat app and enjoy a broad delivery slot that runs from 11.30 in the morning until 23.00 at night!

Best food delivery in Rome: try Argentinian delicacies at Ceibo Sapori

5. Best ethnic food delivery in Rome: Vivi Bistrot

If you’ve spent any time in Rome, you will have doubtlessly come across the charming ViVi Bistrot cafes, of which there are now four in the Eternal City. From an oasis of green in Villa Pamphili, to the smart people watching location in Piazza Navona, they are a safe bet for coffee, brunch in Rome, lunch and aperitivo any time of year.

The opening of Le Serre by ViVi last autumn raises the entire game, adding a menu rich in international influences. So it is that Vivi@Home, Vivi Bistro’s new delivery service, raids the flavours of the world to offer a divine range of largely ethnic meals.

From easy starters such as hummus and guacamole, the menu moves to some exciting main courses, ranging from vegetarian and meat curries, to a wonderful prawn Thai curry and Thai-style pork ribs. The main dishes are vacuum sealed and ready to be cooked for two minutes by plunging in boiling water – to ensure that they are always piping hot and perfectly served!

How to order: Head over to the menu site and give them a call.

6. Best Roman pizza delivery: Remo a Testaccio

Try the Roman-style pizza at Testaccio pizzeria Da Remo for a truly authentic, locals-only experience. This Testaccio institution has been keeping locals in great pizzas throughout lockdown, and they will deliver for free with no minimum order within Testaccio.

The traditional, Roman-style pizza is made on a very thin base which is cooked in a wood-fired oven in a matter of minutes. The base is crunchy and its thinness means that Roman-style pizza won’t leave you feeling over-full. At Remo, they have been serving Roman-style pizzas for over three decades, and you can never go wrong with this classic. Add some fried goodies, such as deep fried zucchini flowers stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella, or suppli, for the full Remo experience.

How to order: Call 065746270 seven days a week. Delivery beyond Testaccio is free with a minimum order of €25.

Best cake delivery in Rome: Penna Bakery

7. Artisan bakery delivering everywhere: Penna Bakery

Penna Bakery, located at the lowest part of Italy’s heel, in Santa Maria di Leuca in Puglia, is an artisan Italian bakery which was launched in 2020 by two visionary brothers. While Luca Penna is an experienced chef, his brother Stefano is a natural entreprenuer. Together, they saw a gap in the market for traditional and niche speciality cakes.

Launched in time for Christmas 2020, Penna Bakery made its debut with a range of delicious panettone cakes, before moving on to Easter cakes – the classic dove-shaped Colomba in a range of flavours. Seasonal specialities aside, there are lots of good things coming out of the kitchens of Penna Bakery year round, so keep and eye on the website and order yourself something delicious. Even better, they deliver all over Europe!

How to order: On the website, right here.

8. Classic Italian food delivery in Rome: Agrodolce

Agrodolce is a sweet, authentic trattoria in the centre of Rome, just a few steps from the Trevi Fountain. It’s businesses like this which give the historic centre its character, so I believe strongly in supporting them! Right now, you can support Agrodolce in a range of ways: by ordering food today, or by buying a voucher for a sit down meal in happier times!

Expect a menu focusing on classic Italian comfort food, starting with mouth-watering bruschette and salami and cheese selections, to elegant dishes such as beef tartare with truffle-infused soft Robiola cheese.

There are soups and salads if you fancy something light, or otherwise dive into a hearty pasta dish – like gnocchi with 4 cheeses, or seafood fettuccine. There is also a list of select pizzas, and some wonderful meat and fish dishes. I hope you’ll leave space for dessert to try a handmade maritozzo, tiramisu, panna cotta or hot ganache chocolate cake.

With many restaurants shut in the centre of Rome right now, this is one of the city’s best kept secrets for an emergency pizza close to the Trevi Fountain. Highly recommended!

How to order: Call the restaurant directly for home delivery if you live in the Centro Storico on 066788251, or order through a range of apps including Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats.

Roman food delivery: Agrodolce Restaurant for classic pasta dishes

9. Great Asian food delivery in Rome: Sushi & Noodles

I discovered Sushi & Noodles in the depths of winter, when I was looking for a sushi takeout place extremely close to Testaccio. Since then, I have ordered food from both its Aventino and Prati branches, and been very satisfied with the quality of the sushi and sashimi, as well as other treats include bao buns.Sushi has to be one of the most successful of all the food delivery options, so it’s good to have a local one on speed dial!

How to order: Available on most of the food apps, I tend to have the most luck ordering Sushi & Noodles food with UberEats, and its frequent special offers.

10. Best food delivery in Rome for American food: Mammo Street Food

Mammo Street Food is a cosy all-day eating place in the heart of Trastevere, dearly loved by locals and tourists alike. While excelling in sourcing great Italian charcuterie cuts, wines and craft drinks, Mammò also serves international-style breakfast, brunch and lunch goodies for those hard-to-find flavours right here in Rome.

Exceptional quality pastrami sandwiches and more, salads, wraps, burgers and pancakes are all available here, with dine-in, takeaway and delivery options too! Look out too for tall, American-style coffees and some of the best bagels in the city.

How to order: Call 06 9652 4894 or order via Deliveroo.

Best cake delivery in Rome: Cavalletti for the famous Millefoglie

11. Best cake delivery in Rome: Cavalletti

Cavalletti is a historic cake shop in Rome, which is most famous for its Millefoglie dessert. Combining three layers of Marsala-infused chantilly cream between the finest layers of crisp pastry, Cavalletti sends this dessert as far as Buckingham Palace every year as it is favoured by none other than Queen Elizabeth II! There are two stores in Rome – the historic store in Via Nemorense, and new premises at via di Vigna Stelluti 204. But if you’re feeling lazy, and prefer to get one delivered, we won’t blame you!

Best of all, Cavalletti has its own fleet of refrigerated vans delivering all over the city, so you can be sure that this wonderful option for food delivery in Rome always hits the spot.

How to order: Hit up sustainable app Giusta or call the store directly on 0645595650.

12. Best all-rounder from breakfast through dinner: Numa al Circo

Numa al Circo, a restaurant near Circus Maximus in Rome, is a great all-day bar and restaurant covering every drinking and dining need. Opening early in the morning for breakfast, and staying open for lunch, aperitivo and eventually dinner, Numa al Circo excels with moreish charcuterie boards, sourced from the Proloco Dol team, and excellent pizzas.

While the restaurant specialises squarely in Roman cuisine, you should expect some classics from all over Italy. Varied sharing plates and cheese boards are perfect for accompanying a light lunch or a quick drink. The menu shifts seasonally, so expect some changes as the year goes on. Read my full review here, and head over to the website to check out the menu!

How to order: Order by calling 06 64420669 or via Just Eat.

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