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Best Lazio beaches: This guide to the best beaches near Rome includes how to get to the best Rome beaches with public transport, including how to get to Ostia and Fregene, how to get to Sperlonga, Anzio, Gaeta, Santa Severa and Santa Mariella. The best beaches in Lazio.

Best Lazio beaches: the best beaches near Rome & how to reach them 2019

This guide to the best beaches near Rome focuses on the Roman beaches which are easy to reach with public transport. While Lazio – the county or state which includes Rome – has some outstandingly attractive beaches including the Pontine islands and Sabaudia in the south, these are much more difficult to get to if…

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Planning a Picnic, Roman Style

It’s technically the perfect time of year for a picnic. Rome’s weather tends to get it “just right” in the late spring, achieving that rare temperature which makes sitting in the sun bearable and lying in the shade a pleasure. If you were in the capital in recent weeks, you might have found yourself dodging…

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Lunch in the Castelli Romani: how to visit Ariccia or Frascati with public transport, to eat porchetta in a typical fraschetta. How to get to the Castelli Romani, including Nemi, Genzano, Marino, Monte Porzio Catone and Albano Laziale. #castelliromani

Lunch in the Castelli Romani, including how to get to Ariccia and Frascati with public transport

If you’re looking for information on having lunch in the Castelli Romani, and more specifically, how to get to the towns of Frascati or Ariccia with public transport, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting the Castelli Romani is not only an easy day trip from Rome, it’s an ideal location for a lunch outside Rome,…

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Testaccina’s guide to street food in Rome: Don, pizza fritta Napoletana

Within scoffing distance of Testaccio, Don is a recently opened street food spot whose acquaintance I am delighted to have made. Don does one thing and it does it very well: Neapolitan fried pizzas. If you’ve never had one of these (made in the correct way) and you just glanced at the photo, you would…

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The 5 minute review: Giano Laboratorio Gastronomico

I dropped in here for a rather special event – a night of food and beer pairing in conjunction with itinerant brewery Jungle Juice – and I wasn’t disappointed. This review is going to be in part influenced by the occasion, but when it comes down to it, the food really was the star of…

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Review: Luxe Associate Travel’s Culinary Walk through Rome

Borders are funny things, aren’t they? By defining territories, which piece of land some ancient King or Emperor annexed, they try to delineate populations, even impose a limit on where a certain tongue is spoken. But people, like languages, are fluid. Look at Rome right now: full of lost souls and adventurous souls and new…

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Ever fancied dining in an Italian home in Rome? A review of a Bonappetour social dining experience in Italy's capital, Rome, plus tips on booking a Bonappetour home meal in other Italian cities.

Social eating is home from home with BonAppetour

If staying in is the new going out, then going out to eat in might possibly just be ahead of the curve. Welcome to BonAppetour, the latest social eating experience which invites you to dine in the houses of chefs and top amateur foodies, for a chance to enjoy home-cooking at its best and get…

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Opening on Friday 1st November: Bibere Bistrot

We’ve been a big fan of Bibere in Garbatella for a long time. This well stocked beer shop and enoteca, tucked away on Via Nicolò da Pistoia, is a point of reference for connoisseurs in the area. Owned by brothers Alessio and Fabio who started the venture only two years ago, the store offers an…

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Natural Critical Wine: this weekend in Testaccio

You’ve still got one more day to catch the Natural Critical Wine event in Testaccio, a meeting of organic wine producers – and an exemplary cheese maker – at the Città del Altra Economia. It’s that time of year when the wine harvest is on everyone’s minds, but for a weekend only, a group of…

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