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Il Maritozzo Rosso - Roma maratozzi

Rome restaurants: Il Maritozzo Rosso reinvents Roman classics in timeless Trastevere

Il Maritozzo Rosso Bistrot is a new restaurant in Rome’s Trastevere district, revisiting some classics of Roman cuisine in fun, informal surroundings. Trastevere is one of Rome’s most compelling neighbourhoods, and a must for an evening stroll any time of the year. The usual dilemma, however, is where to eat: there is a concentration of…

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If you're looking for the best restaurant in Trastevere or the best pizza in Rome, let Peppo al Cosimato surprise you with its homely charms, pizza and fish.

Peppo al Cosimato: new Trastevere pizza and fish restaurant, full of local charm

The Roman neighbourhood of Trastevere is always a good idea, and new Pizza and Roman fish restaurant, Peppo al Cosimato, combines two apparently contrasting dinner choices whilst providing ample charm and value for money. Did you know that sustainable, cheap fish is a staple of Roman cuisine? Now you do! The sea isn’t that far…

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Pinturicchio 40: sensational, refined Neapolitan cuisine in North Rome

Pinturicchio 40 is an extremely high-quality Neapolitan restaurant north of Piazza del Popolo in Rome which will seriously transform any preconceptions you have about the southern city’s cuisine. If you think that Neapolitan food equals pizza and sfogliatelle, with an emphasis on carbs and fried food, think again. Pinturicchio digs into the traditions of the…

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New Prati fish restaurant, Banchina 63, combines the freshest raw and grilled fish, fish pasta dishes, sushi and risottos with impeccable cocktails and Italian wines. A recommended fish restaurant in Rome.

Be enchanted by Banchina 63, new fish restaurant in Rome

There’s something faintly Parisian about this quarter of Rome – the location for new fish restaurant Banchina 63 – with its leafy boulevards and turn-of-the-century apartments. The pavement broadens a little along this quiet street in Prati, setting Banchina 63 back from the road and creating a pleasant pavement cafe vibe in front of its…

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A great restaurant near Rome Airport, Quarantunododici is an ideal lunch or dinner solution if you have a layover at Rome Airport, or are looking for Fiumicino restaurants close to Rome Airport.

Restaurants near Rome Airport: fish restaurant QuarantunoDodici in Fiumicino

If you’re looking for a great restaurant near Rome Airport, I have a superlative tip for you: restaurant QuarantunoDodici (4112), in Isola Sacra, Fiumicino. This smart seaside restaurant near Rome was only open at lunchtimes in the past, but is now also open for evening dining, which is a real boost to anyone travelling to…

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3 great ideas for eating fish in Rome, including Ristorante Chinappi, Livello1 in EUR, and Eataly Rome. Some of the best fish restaurants in Rome.

Eating fish in Rome: 3 out of this world restaurant experiences

If you’re travelling to the Eternal City and are planning on eating fish in Rome, you’ve come to the right plaice. Of all the dining choices in the world, you really need to be in good hands when ordering fish. Sourcing the fish, storing the fish and preparing it correctly are all crucial steps for…

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