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How to see the rose petal shower in the Pantheon, Rome, at Pentecost. La pioggia della rose at the Pantheon in Rome, Italy - or rose petals in the Pantheon.

(VIDEO) How to See The Rose Petal Shower in The Pantheon, Rome, at Pentecost 2019

How to see the rose petal shower in the Pantheon, Rome, at Pentecost If you happen to be visiting Rome in early summer, there’s one charming spectacle you shouldn’t miss: the fall of rose petals through the oculus of the Pantheon, which takes places every year at Pentecost, exactly 49 days after Easter Sunday. In…

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The ultimate guide to driving a scooter in Rome, with tips, tricks and safety suggestions

How to drive a scooter in Italy: 50 tips and tricks for driving a Vespa in Rome

I’ve been driving a scooter (or motorino, as they’re called in Italy) in Rome for nearly ten years. That’s a decade of insane traffic, painful tumbles, vigorously exchanged gestures with other drivers and coming back to find your (parked) Vespa dented or with the seat slashed. It’s also been ten years of always being on…

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Typical Sicilian Food: 8 Things You Should Eat Before Leaving Catania

Typical Sicilian food: 8 things you should eat before leaving Catania Sicily is an island where everything is more intense. The wine is stronger, the sun is hotter, the sea shocks with its searing cyan lights and volcanoes feel free to express themselves. Near Catania, lava enriches the soil with mineral depths and the resulting…

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Altrove Restaurant, a social cooking project in Garbatella, Rome, retrains migrants, refugees and disadvantaged youngsters to give them a new start in life.

Restaurants in Rome: Altrove in Garbatella – saving the world, one bite at a time

Altrove Restaurant is a new restaurant in the Garbatella district of Rome with an extraordinary plan. In a city like this, it’s hard enough to come up with a new food concept to draw a regular clientele which lasts longer than the latest summer fad. Well, Altrove is a restaurant which has launched with a…

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Officina - pizza and burger is a recently refurbished pizzeria and craft-beer bar in Rome which is laying claim to serving one of the best pizzas in Rome.

REVIEW: Is Officina – pizza and burger the best pizzeria in Rome?

Officina – pizza and burger is a recently refurbished pizzeria and craft-beer bar in Rome which is laying claim to serving one of the best pizzas in the capital. I’m guessing I don’t need to tell you how hardly contested that particularly crown is – it makes that Brutus-Julius Caesar spat in the capital look…

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Hotel Terme Preistoriche is a premier spa hotel in Italy's Veneto region, offering spa pools and treatments, plus Jazz by the Pool summer concerts.

Terme Preistoriche: There’s a prehistoric spa hotel near Padova, and it’s making quite a splash

If you’re looking for a glamourous weekend with a difference in Italy, here’s an idea. Hotel Terme Preistoriche in the picturesque spa town of Montegrotto Terme is just 15 minutes from the centre of Padua or Padova, in Italy’s Veneto region, but light-years away from the modern, bustling city, offering incredible spa pools in a…

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Beer festivals in Rome: Fermentazioni & Beer Park Festival are both taking place in Rome from June 9-11 2017, so enjoy a real Italian craft beer festival.

PREVIEW Beer festivals in Rome: Fermentazioni & Beer Park Festival, June 9-11 2017

Beer lovers in Rome have not one but two craft beer festivals coming up this weekend, with beer festival Fermentazioni moving to a summer slot and changing locations, shifting to the slightly more central Guido Reni District in Flaminio, after propping up the bar in Rome’s Fori Italici the last couple of years. The other event, also…

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(VIDEO) Rome’s best pubs: The best craft beer bars in Rome

Rome has a great craft beer scene and I was spoilt for choice selecting the 8 best craft beer bars in Rome for this article. From essential ‘hole in the wall’ dive bars in the city centre, to laid back drinking lounges and beer gardens a little further out, Rome has a great range of pubs focusing on…

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Review of Eggs Roma: a new restaurant in Trastevere, Rome, specialising in gourmet egg recipes, with 8 kinds of carbonara plus exceptional street food

Review of Eggs Roma: new gourmet restaurant in Trastevere, Rome

Review: Eggs Roma, Trastevere, Rome There’s a brand new restaurant in the heart of Trastevere called Eggs (search for Eggs Roma on social media), which is focusing on one essential ingredient with unbelievable panache. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the name is a giveaway, put aside all your preconceptions before you try this place….

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Things to do in Rome: 15 Instagram images of Rome, Italy from blogger Testaccina to inspire you to visit Rome in 2017. The best Instagram posts of Rome.

15 Instagram images to inspire you to visit Rome in 2018

Things to do when you visit Rome: some fun ideas via Instagram Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms as a travel blogger. I really enjoy sharing the highlights of my trips and engaging with other amazing Instagrammers from all over the world. Most of the pictures on my feed however aren’t captured…

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