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Best Lazio beaches: This guide to the best beaches near Rome includes how to get to the best Rome beaches with public transport, including how to get to Ostia and Fregene, how to get to Sperlonga, Anzio, Gaeta, Santa Severa and Santa Mariella. The best beaches in Lazio.

Best Lazio beaches: the best beaches near Rome & how to reach them 2019

This guide to the best beaches near Rome focuses on the Roman beaches which are easy to reach with public transport. While Lazio – the county or state which includes Rome – has some outstandingly attractive beaches including the Pontine islands and Sabaudia in the south, these are much more difficult to get to if…

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Typical Sicilian Food: 8 Things You Should Eat Before Leaving Catania

Typical Sicilian food: 8 things you should eat before leaving Catania Sicily is an island where everything is more intense. The wine is stronger, the sun is hotter, the sea shocks with its searing cyan lights and volcanoes feel free to express themselves. Near Catania, lava enriches the soil with mineral depths and the resulting…

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Cook in Tuscany is a unique, all-inclusive cooking course and Tuscan vacation, featuring the best Italian cookery lessons in Tuscany.

Review: Cook in Tuscany serves up a magical Tuscan week of cooking and fun

A residential cooking school in Tuscany may sound like scary stuff, but after spending the best part of a week with Cook in Tuscany, a cookery course and Tuscan holiday in one of the prettiest parts of Italy, I am delighted to say that this course suits all levels and is a wonderful introduction to…

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Il Maritozzo Rosso - Roma maratozzi

Rome restaurants: Il Maritozzo Rosso reinvents Roman classics in timeless Trastevere

Il Maritozzo Rosso Bistrot is a new restaurant in Rome’s Trastevere district, revisiting some classics of Roman cuisine in fun, informal surroundings. Trastevere is one of Rome’s most compelling neighbourhoods, and a must for an evening stroll any time of the year. The usual dilemma, however, is where to eat: there is a concentration of…

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Planning a Picnic, Roman Style

It’s technically the perfect time of year for a picnic. Rome’s weather tends to get it “just right” in the late spring, achieving that rare temperature which makes sitting in the sun bearable and lying in the shade a pleasure. If you were in the capital in recent weeks, you might have found yourself dodging…

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Lunch in the Castelli Romani: how to visit Ariccia or Frascati with public transport, to eat porchetta in a typical fraschetta. How to get to the Castelli Romani, including Nemi, Genzano, Marino, Monte Porzio Catone and Albano Laziale. #castelliromani

Lunch in the Castelli Romani, including how to get to Ariccia and Frascati with public transport

If you’re looking for information on having lunch in the Castelli Romani, and more specifically, how to get to the towns of Frascati or Ariccia with public transport, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting the Castelli Romani is not only an easy day trip from Rome, it’s an ideal location for a lunch outside Rome,…

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Rome’s newest Calabrian restaurant and food laboratory, Forte, in Tiburtina, is a welcome game changer for the Roman dining scene.

Calabrian restaurant and food lab Forte is a box of delights in Rome Tiburtina

Rome’s newest Calabrian restaurant and food laboratory, Forte, is a welcome game changer for the Roman dining scene. While it’s perhaps common knowledge that the range of ethnic restaurants in Rome is patchy at best, you might imagine that the Italian regions would be comprehensively represented. That’s not entirely the case, especially if we look…

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Altrove Restaurant, a social cooking project in Garbatella, Rome, retrains migrants, refugees and disadvantaged youngsters to give them a new start in life.

Restaurants in Rome: Altrove in Garbatella – saving the world, one bite at a time

Altrove Restaurant is a new restaurant in the Garbatella district of Rome with an extraordinary plan. In a city like this, it’s hard enough to come up with a new food concept to draw a regular clientele which lasts longer than the latest summer fad. Well, Altrove is a restaurant which has launched with a…

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11 Ways to Get Your French Fix in Rome

Rome and Paris: two capitals of European culture, which have often vied for the Continental crown in terms of food, art and as places to fall in love. It can be agony if you’re on a short trip to Europe and you don’t have time to see them both – or fully explore the heights…

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A review of Eating Italy Food Tours' Florence tour The Other Side of Florence - a walking tour with food tastings around Florence.

(VIDEO) Review: Eating Italy Food Tours’ The Other Side of Florence Tour

Review: Eating Italy Food Tours’ Florence food Tour Florence is the perfect foil when you’re tired of Rome. Where the Eternal City has ancient ruins, Firenze boasts Renaissance art and architecture. While Roman cuisine is entrenched in working-class traditions of make-do and season cheap cuts, Florence – while also boasting an extensive cucina povera –…

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